by James Scottworth
Working from home is the ultimate dream for many modern professionals. Yet once you achieve that dream, how do you keep from going completely, totally bonkers?

The fact is that Working in any confined space for a long time period can bring about emotions of isolation or boredom. Yet it is possible to keep a successful home office without catching a nasty case of cabin fever in the process.

The first step is to designate one part of your home as your ‘office,’ and other rooms as your living space. In that way, you don’t always feel like you’re ‘at work.’

When you are working at home, designate times in which you can relax for some time away from the computer desk. Go get a snack from the fridge, to the bedroom for a rest, the bathroom for a quick dip in the tub, or the den to catch up on some news.

Also, try if possible to leave your home office at least once a day. This may mean venturing outside for a quick walk, or heading out to the neighborhood bistro for lunch. Or it could mean performing a work-related duty off site; making copies or sending mail at a neighborhood postal service,taking your laptop computer to a park or swimming pool, or meeting a client for a business meeting at his/her office.

Although you may be working, you don’t always have to be ‘at work.’ You can listen to a radio station online or on your stereo, make a phone call to a friend, or watch a film on your computer or your DVD player. Plus online websites like You Tube and Cute Overload can provide fun distractions in the form of brief, entertaining videos; short diversions that won’t take away too much attention from the task at hand.

You could keep a great book or magazine at your work area; a quick read that can give a needed break in times of tension.

If money and time are no object, then you can really have some fun looking for ways to spice up your work atmosphere. How about working out of a limo that takes you around town on breaks? And remember, work at home businesses have a real advantage in flexible time too. you can work a half day early one, relax in the afternoon and pick back up a few hours in the evening.

Still stressed? You may need a thinking overhaul! From both a scientific and religious perspective, we know that it’s not so much what happens to you, but what you think of it, and, what you’re thinking about. Happy people think about the glass half full, and you too must “accentuate the positive” and “decentuate the negative” (as the old song goes). If you’re religious, thank God for all of your blessings 3 times a day. If you’re not, then list the good things in your life, like being albe to work for yourself, and read them aloud 3 times a day.

The fact is, despite some difficulties, working at home can be a rich, rewarding, and incredibly productive experience. Your home office can represent the best of both worlds, becoming the perfect place to make a living.

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