There has probably never been a better time to work from home in Greece or any other country come to that. In fact because of the opportunities now available on the internet and the vast array of online tools to help promote your business, it has never been easier.
But the first truth is that realistically there are no get rich quick solutions. If you seriously want to work from home, you should be looking for a business that will deliver for you now and more importantly, over the coming years. It must have the potential to be highly automated so that your input is reduced over time but your results (profits), are ever increasing
If you can speak English, you can have a global business. If you use a dot-com url website address, you could be based anywhere in the world and nobody would ever know or care. I am personally based in the UK right now but the idea of having an internet business is that so long as there is electricity and a means to get online, I can live almost anywhere I like. This is to me so much better than having to get up every day and go to the office or other place of work and be limited as to where I can live and what hours I have to work.
When I was a civil engineering student, I lived and worked in Greece for six months. I worked on a large power station project just outside a place called Megalopolis in the Peloponnesus. In those days was just a small quiet village but I just had a look at it on Google Earth and it is unrecognisable. Not sure that I should have expected anything else after nearly 40 years!
Work From Home
So getting back to the theme of this article, work from home in Greece. There are no obvious problems but you should choose a business that you know has plenty of demand and stability. In one sense, many things could be considered but choose carefully. You do not want to do too much setting up before you can get started with your marketing. Marketing will be the life blood of your business, especially if you choose to work online from home. You will not get the desired results without a solid marketing strategy and perseverance.
Whatever business you choose, you will only be successful if you have either a product or service with little or no competition or you are prepared to become a master marketer. Marketing is the engine of any work from home online business. This cannot be stressed enough and is the reason why so many people fail. They do not understand the importance of marketing.
You will need to use paid advertising both on and perhaps off line to ensure some early results.
There are also many free methods available online, with the goal of getting on the first page of Google. When someone does a search for your kind of product or service, they use specific keywords. This method takes a little while to master when you are new to it, but when done properly it will produce many free visitors to your site and will result in plenty of sales.
For example, I used the keywords work from home in Greece because there is little competition but a fair number of predicted searches per month for that particular long tail keyword. I used a programme called WordTracker to find the most searched for phrases people are using in the search engines based around the phrase – work at home.
If all this is all new to you, you can probably see there is quite a bit to learn about free marketing. Most marketers now include Web 2.0 methods such as videos and audio, and also articles and include images etc
Paid Advertising
There are plenty of paid forms of online advertising available, the most popular probably being pay per click (PPC). These small box advertisements appear on the right hand side of the page when you do a search in Google, for example. They are known as sponsored links. Various parameters determine how often your advert shows up including how much you are prepared to pay for a particular search term (keyword). You only pay out when someone clicks on your advert which has a hidden link to your web site or sales page where they can review or buy your product.
Which Business Should I Choose?
Of the thousands of businesses available to tap into online to enable you to work from home, there are few that really stand out. But there is what I call a new business model that rewards you much more than most traditional ones. In fact I can honestly say I believe we are now in a new era when it comes to working from home.
I personally know someone who made well over $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) in their first six months of this year (2008) just from one online business which is what convinced me that things have taken a bit of a quantum leap.
So many business opportunities make great promises but fail to deliver for all but the top people, who created the business anyway. The solution is something that will work for anyone who is prepared to put in some time and effort and treat their business as a business and not a hobby.
More Reward For Your Effort
One thing that is becoming obvious is that it does not require much more effort to make $1000 than it does a $100. And what if you could make $7,500 from just one sale?
My advice to anyone planning to work from home in Greece or anywhere else, is to only consider a business that is 99% ready to go. It should have a realistic potential (based on what has already been achieved by others) to make as much as $250k profit in the first year.
On that note, I will leave you to do your research and I wish you good fortune with whatever solution you may choose to work from home in Greece or anywhere else.

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