What is the number one excuse standing between a work at home mom and her success? Ask this question to a group of women and youll always get answers like the following:
“My family, they dont support me.”
“Money, I dont have enough to improve my business.”
“Time, I never seem to have enough to devote to my work at home job.”
Some even say, me, I dont have enough confidence. This, I believe, is the real reason many women are not achieving the success they can in their work at home job.
A work at home mom can have all the skills and equipment needed to make her job a profitable venture, but without confidence it is highly unlikely that she will earn what she is worth.
Confidence is something you need in every aspect of life, including being a work at home mom. You need to be able to rely and believe in your own power to make things work.
I was asked once what the difference was between a successful work at home mom and an unsuccessful one was. My answer was simple- self esteem. She doesnt let anything stand in her way of creating her own happiness and that includes herself.
She doesnt spend time feeling sorry for herself when things dont turn out. And shes not afraid to go after the things that will make her happier, even if it involves some risk. She also applies common sense and practicality to the things she does. This means doing the required research before she begins anything.
A work at home mom who believes in herself is not afraid to ask for help. Whether it be from colleagues or her family. So many women struggle with their responsibilities as a work at home mom simply because they dont want to admit that they need a little help.
A confident work at home mom is up to date. She knows whats going on in her industry and she makes use of latest techniques to help her run a more effective and efficient work at home job.
She makes every effort to put herself out there, even if that means getting out of her comfort zone. And shes not afraid of change.
Being a work at home mom is not like working a day job in an office downtown. You are faced with different challenges and it can be a greater struggle to juggle both your personal and professional life. But when you are a confident work at home mom youre not afraid of these challenges.
Confidence is not just a sureness that you can get the job done; it also applies to keeping positive in the event something goes wrong.
Something will, at some point, go wrong. It is a true test of character to see how you will manage. If you are confident you know its not the end of the world. It simply means you need to revaluate they way things are and try to come up with a new solution. But when you lack confidence the slightest thing can cause you to want to jump ship.
Becoming a confident work at home mom takes time, but it is worth doing the work on yourself. You will experience more success in your work at home job when you are a confident work at home mom.

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