What a lot of people don’t understand is that almost any form of marketing is niche marketing. If you aim at a target audience for your product or service then you are effectively targeting a niche. Most people need to focus on their marketing efforts and choose a proper niche instead of trying to “spread the net” and aim at a bigger audience instead of targeting a smaller niche.
When you market towards a target audience you’re always going to get more targeted leads which will effectively convert in to targeted buyers. This is why picking a niche and marketing to it effectively is the key to a successful online business, or any business for that matter!
You wouldn’t start a marketing campaign selling a product about google adsense and aim it at every internet marketer. It’s true that a lot of internet marketers will want to use google adsense but you need to focus your attention on the people who are actively buying google adsense products and using them in their everyday business.
The three things you need to do when targeting a niche are :
1. Research your niche. It’s useless to pick a niche and then jump in without researching further. You need to spend some time reading all you can on the niche and get involved yourself and become a part of the community. This is the best way to research your niche and gain valuable insights in to how you will market towards this target audience.
2. Plan ahead. Once you have researched your niche you need to take some time out and write a plan of your next steps. Sit down and list the different selling points that apply to your niche. Work out the things that will turn your niche off and avoid them at all costs.
3. Find out exactly what your niche wants and give it to them. It actually is that simple. Once you identify the needs of your niche then you’re half way there. Give them what they want and they will want to buy from you.
Two of the best places to research your niche are my space and you tube. You can find and join groups related to your niche on my space and easily find out what your target market wants. You can participate on the discussion boards and learn a lot about your niche. You can also search friends by interest and add new friends who are interested in your niche. Building a list of friends like this will also help you in the future if you plan on using my space techniques to market your products.
On you tube you can sit and watch videos related to your niche. This can give you a great insight on what people from the chosen community are actively creating. You can add new friends and read the comments about the videos and find out exactly what people thing. You can easily spot the top videos related to your niche by the amount of people who have bookmarked them and from the number of plays. A lot of people are using you tube to market to their nice now so it’s good to have an understanding of how it works in case you want to use it in the future.
Once you learn how to effectively target your niche then you will progress a lot faster in your chosen field. It’s the same with list building, if you build a huge list of ten thousand people, another marketer would probably have a more responsive list with only 1000 people on it. This would be because the list is actually targeted correctly towards the chosen niche.
So to break it all down, all you need to do is pick your niche, effectively research it. Visit the places that the target audience in your niche hang out and become a part of their community. Learn to find out what your niche wants and then create a product to suit those needs. Once you become effective at these strategies you will soon become a marketing success!

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