what is niche marketing
What is a good niche market to pursue to make money that people will want to read about online?

I am starting a blog and eventually a website
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I Agree, you need to find a niche that will be something that you are at the very least interested in, so that you can be motivated to find out more about it. You don’t need to be an expert about the topic, just be interested in it and be willing to find out more about it and share your findings and your thoughts with other people.

That being said.

You need to find a topic that has a market that is hungry for the information you want to provide. For example, It doesnt matter how passionate you are about belly button lint, if no one else is interested in it or worse yet willing to pay for information,services or products related to belly button lint. Does that make sense?

So you need to find topics that people are actively searching for and that there are already products being marketed to those people.

If you need help coming up with topics here is a great article on how to uncover the hidden assets in your mind.


Once you have the list you can do some keyword searching to find out how popular your topics are.

I would also start doing searches for problems related to your topic that you can answer for people.

remember when people search online they are looking for answers to problems. So you should be looking for problems that you can answer.

keep collecting the questions you find and eventually you will stumble upon a great product/service.

Check out amazon.com and see the products they have listed there that relate to your topic. Check out the magazine section for your topic as well. Magazines cost lots of money to run if someone is spending lots of money to print a magazine and they have lots of readers spending money, thats a good indicator that the market is good.

Also check out places like http://clickbank.com go to the marketplace and see what products are being sold related to your topic.

Hope that helps you out.

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