by Justin Harrison
The steps for article marketing seem simple enough, you write articles to be submitted to the article directory sites and are able to leave a link to your site in the resource box provided. The purpose of this is to promote your website and to drive traffic to your site. Many website owners are disappointed when they do not see the results they were expecting and will automatically assume the technique does not work. The largest problem is not the article marketing strategy but the ones who are using it do not understand how it works. This is why a large portion of sites do not see the full benefits to article marketing techniques.

It does not matter if the site owner writes the articles or if a professional writer does, if there is not a good understanding to how it all works then there will be little chance of success. Even with the steps being so simple they all have a purpose and each one has to be marketed properly in order to work.

The article being written with various keywords that will be relevant to the site is important, the number of backlinks that are left on high ranking directory sites are important. The article itself is the most important part of the marketing technique and many people overlook this fact. The article has to lead to traffic and if it is dull or of no value to the reader that will never happen. The reader has to be encouraged to click thru to your site after reading the article, they have to want more information or be interested in what you have to say to even consider clicking thru to your site.

Think of the articles are advertising for your online business. What type of image do you want it to have, this will be determined in what your article says. The ability to produce a well written high quality article is equivalent to having a great commercial on TV that will make people remember you.

Website owners who are using article marketing are enthralled in the backlinks and the keyword usage. They often do not realize that the article itself is the most important aspect to the success of the marketing techniques. Without an article that will drive the reader to click the link there will be no increase in traffic. The search engines do measure how often you have a unique visitor on your website so the backlinks could be of no use for the promotion of your site after all.

Search engines are designed to look at various things and the use of article marketing allow you to cover all the bases if used correctly. If you do not use the article marketing strategy correctly you will be left with the realization that your websites backlinks and the time you spend on keyword monopolization have all been in vain. You cannot accomplish your goals if you do not take each step to article marketing seriously and learn the most effective ways to use it. A little extra effort on your part will result in a lot more rewards for your website.

About the Author:
Justin Harrison is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing Consultant and entrepreneur who has built up multiple 7 figure online business and consults to some of leading online brands including Amazon, BBC, AIG and many others.

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