by Lorella Flego
Website promotion is the means of generating improved traffic to your website. Once you have spent so much time in producing an effective and attractive website for your company, you have to work at website promotion so that surfers will be aware of the presence of your website. The first thing you have to do for website promotion lies in submitting your site to search engines and directories. This is because failure of submission to major search engines leads to more time required for the search engine to be aware of your website.

An online promotional strategy can be divided into several different components depending on your budget, need, and competition. One of the most important components of any promotional strategy is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is known as SEO and is an extensive process that consists of several tools and sub-components that can help you increase your search engine page ranking (SERP), bring in high quality targeted traffic and create higher online visibility. At the end of the day SEO tactics will depend largely on how it works.

Few Free Website Promotional Tools: Advertising the right product: It is meaningless to sell something that is not required by the consumers or where the competition is very high and you can be defeated easily by big business owners. Right keywords: Selecting the right keyword for your site is critical as people will use them to gather information on a particular topic.

Submitting to major search engines and indexes and Article writing: This is a good way to promote your website and inform your viewers about the products and services. Links: Get as much links as possible to increase the popularity and traffic of your website. Do extensive research work and widen your knowledge in sales and promotion.

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