Just about when you think things can’t get any better, Wealthy Affiliate over delivers again. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate Member for over a year now and boy have I seen some changes. So much has been added since the fall of 2007 that it is mind boggling.
The newest addition for bringing in the new year of 2009 is Niche Marketing Software called NicheQ. Everyone knows that the key to affiliate marketing success starts with finding a hungry niche. But that is easier said than done, and if you don’t accomplish that first of all your other efforts will be in vain.
Looking for a niche, market research, can be time consuming and tedious. Most affiliate marketers really struggle in this area. Finding huge markets is no problem but getting a toe hold against the already existing competition can be next to impossible. That is why finding a niche in an existing market is the key to success.
Wealthy Affiliate’s new niche marketing software, NicheQ, will make this excruciating task a pleasurable one, for Wealthy Affiliate Members anyways. NicheQ is the most comprehensive niche research system available anywhere. It nails down the most important aspect of earning money online for every Wealthy Affiliate Member. And best of all it is provided as part of the Wealthy Affiliate Membership, no up sell,extra charge or hidden fees.
The new niche marketing software, NicheQ, offers the Wealthy Affiliate Member research and supporting resources that unlock and deliver information for any targeted market. It would take a single person hundreds of hours to develop a report as extensive as a single NicheQ and to build all the supporting resources provided. A single NicheQ report and supporting resources could easily cost upwards of $7000.
A boatload of information will be provided in a NicheQ report.
Market overview
Market stats, spending, and growth statistics
Customer and audience information
Demographic analysis
Tools and resources
Purchasing trends
Marketing techniques & angles for the market
Marketing related materials & websites
Affiliate program recommendations
Whenever affiliate marketing I personally struggle with making my limited time available count. Any time I can use a tool that will save some time, I’m all for it. This new niche marketing software does that and more. I am really interested in how it can be used to build my recurring monthly income stream. Having a good plan or strategy really helps when hunting for the niche that will put you over the top.
If you have had any experience making money online you will realize the value of being able to find profitable niches and avoid the losers. I have a friend that makes a total living online in one niche that you would never think would pay and yet he keeps raking it in every month. When he first told me about it several years ago He was even skeptical about how long it was going to last. Guess what, it is still producing for him. It is niches like this that we should be looking for.
NicheQ, Wealthy Affiliate’s new niche marketing software will make the hunting easier, even if your are “Joe Average” like me.

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