by Michael Fleischner
If you’re trying to succeeding in marketing, then you’ll need to use more than just a single marketing tactic. This is especially true when it comes to online marketing. In face, pay-per-click advertising can be a great resources when thinking about your search engine optimization campaigns.

Collecting information from your PPC marketing can prove incredibly valuable to your search engine optimization. As you already know, pay-per-click marketing can give you a tremendous amount of information in a very short period of time. What’s even better is that this information can help to direct other marketing campaigns including search engine optimization.

One of the most effective ways to use PPC is to drive qualified traffic to your website. Essentially, the way that pay-per-click works is that targeted keywords trigger an ad to appear. When the ad is displayed, users click-through to a landing page or website. These qualified visitors are the one’s you want. With a little investigation and knowledge of the specific keywords that generate conversions, you can better focus your efforts for finding and attracting the right visitors to your website.

Most people focused exclusively on pay-per-click advertising may not have the full understanding of the true value of the information they collect. By knowing which keywords convert, they have the magic formula for marketing online. The terms that convert browsers to buyers can be applies to SEO. By optimizing only those terms that have shown conversions, search engine optimization can be more effective.

Once you have the answer and know which terms produce the greatest conversions, regardless of ad variation, then you SEO keywords have been determined. You want to generate organic traffic to the same keywords you’re promoting through PPC as long as they are generating your highest conversions.

Think about it this way. If you are using pay per click marketing to promote your product or service, then you have a particular keyword or keyword phrase that not only generates traffic but generates conversions as well. This is valuable information because this is what your seo campaign should be focused on. Put your energy into optimizing for this winning keyword phrase and you’ll enjoy more targeted traffic and can cut back on your PPC expense.

Optimizing for the right terms is a great start but won’t close the deal. Once you drive traffic through organic search, your landing page must be relevant and have a strong call to action. Get your search engine optimization campaigns up and running and then consider your landing page strategy. Is your website taking advantage of every visitor? What type of conversion rates are you seeing. SEO is more than just attracting browsers, it’s making sure they convert when they arrive at their destination.

Winning at search engine optimization begins with a winning PPC strategy, data, and a knowledge of what keywords convert for you. Armed with this information, you can influence your search engine campaigns and make sure you’re focused on the phrases that generate the biggest bang for the buck. PPC and SEO really do work together.

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