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Should I relocate for promotion?

I have an opportunity to move from the small satellite sales office I began working in with my company a year ago to corporate headquarters in another state. I would get promoted to the position I am seeking and have potential for further advancement. I absolutely love my job and already have become one of the top performers. I got laid off two years ago from my previous job after 12 years. Im in generic pharmaceutical sales, which is kind of a niche market that is the kind of job that either you do well or fail, kinda little middle ground. My former employer is the 800 pound gorilla and my current job is smaller but large enough that I can effectively compete. Also cost of living is half of what it is where I am now. Just want thoughts on if I should do it?

It seems like you should do it. A good rule of thumb is to be sure to end up with a 15% raise after the cost of living is calculated. Where your cost of living will go down and you love your job, this seems like a great opportunity.

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