A lot of my subscribers have written to me wanting to know how i have raised my website from a Google rank “0″ in November 2007 to Google rank “4″ in April 2008, that is, in exactly 6 months! I always say to them that it is all about what you want for your site and no more. You Really Have To Want to raise your site up the rankings. As I have mentioned before in my many articles, unless you really want to generate a lot of traffic and make money online, you might end up creating a brand new website, submitting it to thousands of search engines and waiting for customers to pop up, click your links and buy whatever it is that you are selling only to no avail.This is my testimony, If you optimize your site like the way thousands of webmasters are doing today, chances are that you might never rank highly for any keyword term. Sites do not rank well for any keyword term by chance, you may know that already, since you might have done a little reasearch and may be come to that conclusion. You should also be able to decipher that i want to rank well and get traffic for the keyword make money online through this article. At this point in time, what you need to do is not to jump into a different niche, no! It almost cost me a fortune and a lot of time doing that.I use articles to build my website, and this is the secret that i will let you into today. You can do that too, by using the right words, the right word length, the right word positioning and the right word density to build long tail keyword article based sites that bring huge profits through the Google Adsense Program, Yahoo Publisher Program, Chitika, Affiliate Programs as well as Information Product Sales. This is what is referred to as web publishing: It involves building original content pages and knowing how to generate links and traffic to these pages.I want you to launch your web publishing empire today. It took me one year to write my first article, four months to write my second one. Yet today am writing ten of them daily. Not getting started today will definitely make you fail. Am not saying that you should not plan on how you will get started though, what am saying is that you should get started today since there is no perfect way to get started anyway. The secret to the success of a web publisher is so simple, it hurts my fingers writing it down! Its about putting the right words on your web pages, getting free search engine traffic or people for free to your website and earning money. That is it. Does it sound simple enough?Maybe you are asking now, how will i generate links pointing to my website and make money online? Simple, search for “Google keyword tool” on your browser, you will get it listed on the first position, its a database of what Google adword customers use to find keywords to bid on Google advertiser program. Type in your basic keyword to find keyword phrases you should target as a publisher. It will come up with all the associated information including search volumes and relevancy. It will also tell you which one of those keywords generated will bring you more traffic to your website.So far so good, now write an article based on that keyword, it should have the proper keyword density, i use 1% as my keyword density. i.e. for every 100 words i place my keyword only once. If my article has 500 words i will only repeat it 5 times, no more no less. It works for me. But i also make sure that my article is understood by the normal person looking for that information. My keywords have to have very low competition, they should be high traffic keywords and have high payment rates. How i determine this is a topic for another day though.Go to your website and publish your article there. This will ensure that you have a url related to your article and a space to put your Google code. Later on i will show you how, and what makes me manage my site so well and how to interact with your customers. When you are done go to ezinearticles.com, open a free account and post your article there. Include an authors bio provided at the end of your posting. It should be a little bit about yourself and a link pointing to the website url that you created for people to get more information about the particular keyword, like i have done here. It takes about a week to have your article approved at ezine articles for the first time author, but its worthy the wait. Once its approved then the process of getting traffic and links to your website starts. Thousands of people visit this site looking for information just like what you have written, others want to publish it on their sites, thereby giving you the much needed backlinks. Stay tuned for part 2 of how i make money online.

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