Success will never come from being a small fish in a big pond you have to become the big fish in a small pond. This is exactly what niche marketing is all about and it goes quite contrary to the traditional business philosophy of blanket marketing where your only goal is to get as many people as possible to see your offer.
For niche marketing it is easier to write about subjects you know, especially at first. Later you can expand your writing to include new topics which require more research and effort.
When you are selecting a niche to write about, consider the following points.
* The narrower your focus, you get less overall people on your mailing list but much more people will identify with you and your product.
* You don’t want to be the next book on the subject, but rather your book needs to be the ONLY book on the subject or one of the very few. Not only niche, but sub-niche.
* Targeted your niche audience and identify their need for a specific product – and provide them with that product.
There is a very well known marketer who makes over a million dollars a year on a niche most people never would have even considered… Pet products, namely grooming and pampering products. The lesson to be learned from this example is not to dismiss any subject just because it may sound off the wall. The rule of thumb is, if there is a need, fill it!
Your own first niche could be from a body of knowledge learned from a hobby, specialized schooling, business experience, the school of hard-knocks or some other favorite pastime. Everybody has a level of skill and/or knowledge of something that very well may be considered valuable to others. It is very easy to get started simple ask yourself a few questions.
1. What do you know a great deal about that others do not?
2. Which subjects are you passionate about and can really get into providing information about?
3. What is something you hate to do or have heard others complaining about that you can produce a solution for.
Remember, people on-line come from an off-line world, so you product doesn’t have to be about Internet based products or services. It could be a small problem in a big industry, such as the automotive industry.
I remember years ago how an extended visor was a big hit because most cars years ago simple didn’t provide a good or even an adequate level of protect from sun glare. There was a product in place, but it was flawed, this entrepreneur simple targeted the small problem and made an incredible amount of money from a big industry from one great, but small niche solution.
There are many basic step by step guides that can get you started, but if you want to make big money you have to do your research and find a mentor who is really making it big in niche marketing and learn their secrets… then repeat their success by repeating their actions, except in your own niche.

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