Over the last decade, especially with the explosion of the Internet, there’s been an undeniable shift in where and how people work.
White collar, blue collar and pink collar workers are leaving their desks, cubicles, office complexes and factories in droves. They are leaving in favor of a more promising lifestyle, working from home, with less commute and much more time with their family.
Even big businesses, once reluctant to let go of the tether of the time clock, have equally embraced the “work at home” trend. Because with employees working from home, it reduces and/or eliminates both direct and indirect costs. And surprisingly, working from home increases people’s productivity and work quality at the same time.
Direct costs such as less office space being required is obvious. But what about indirect costs like less employee sick days, less health care benefits being claimed, and less employee burn-out?
These are a few of the big reasons the “work at home” trend is hot right now.
Another reason the “work at home” trend is hot is people realize leaving the corporate “rat race” (once considered an extremely radical idea,) is now a very real possibility for them.
When considering the “work at home” option, the big question these ambitious people usually have is this:
“What else can I do that will allow me to work from home and replace the comfortable income I enjoyed?”
While there are many answers to that question, such network marketing, Internet marketing, MLM, commission-based selling and other less-than-attractive options for the average person, there are other intriguing “work from home” options available.
For instance, one profession that many people are excited about is becoming a professional Commercial Real Estate Property Scout ( ).
The reason this “work at home” profession appeals to many people is it affords all the benefits of working at home and being your own boss, while at the same time also creates a phenomenal income stream. One that dwarfs what people were making in the corporate world.
In other words, where else could you, as an average person, work at home and create a comfortable six or seven-figure income for yourself and your family?
There are very few professions or jobs regardless of whether they are “work at home” or not, that can create that kind of extraordinary income and dream lifestyle. However it’s one that being a Commercial Property Scout easily allows. And many people are taking full advantage of it.

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