Unlike what many believe, the Internet is not the masses, but an assembly of niches. A small specialized niche is much easier to take your product or service to.The fact that there are millions of people on the Internet, does not mean that all these people are interested in you, in your company, its products or services. So forget it, this is not true. If that is an incentive to mount an Internet company, it is going down the wrong path. The Internet is ideal for niche marketing i.e., small market segments which you can reach through the Internet.The second interesting point of this question, again and again: “How to discover a niche market for itself can then design a product to sell?” is, before deciding to start a business on the Internet on the basis of the product, one must start from the basis of the niche market.When I discovered this potential market niche to which I want to reach me is very easy to develop products or services that are meeting the needs of this group.Now, how do such research? How do you know what the potential market niche to which I can turn? And the good thing is that the tools are directly on the screen of your computer, and is represented by browsers.First, if you want to start a project on the Internet, we recommend that you do with a topic related to your passion, so this is going to be a passion and not an obligation or a job that has to do you want to or not. But when you do things with passion, things are totally different.For example, my specialty, marketing and business. I’m a fan of the Internet, I love information technology, especially when applied to electronic commerce, and I like to educate people. So I chose this niche or that issue, and now I come to decide what is the niche I want to go.I could devote myself only to large companies or corporations and positioned as such, it would be feasible. I could devote only a small and medium enterprises, or I could devote only to entrepreneurs, or a mixture of one and another. These are different market niches. And depending on the niche market to which I will direct the solutions that I’m going to offer this niche market will be completely different.If I were to devote only to large enterprises, multinational corporations and large, very sure I would be very different approach that would have if I were only engaged in small and medium enterprises, and would be very different if I’m dedicating the niche market of entrepreneurs who are just trying to see how to get started online.Once you’ve done this analysis of the market, and succeeded in determining whether a potential market in which you want to get or do not want to get. And then it begins to design a product or service that will sell. As you have already made the task and has made the investigation and after the market already knows what it is offering and how it is being offered, you can develop your own product, differing from the others, and making a bundle or an offer that is much more attractive for future visitors.

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