by Marc Marseille

Search engine friendly keywords are important when trying to achieve organic search engine rankings for your website. In addition to choosing the right keywords, you will need to have knowledge of how and where to utilize your key phrases.

The process of choosing the right keywords for your seo campaigns can easily be generated with the proper keyword tool. There several good keyword tools on the market but if you are financial challenged, you may use a free keyword tool.

Seo book has a free keyword tool that provides data on the popularity on several different keywords. Once you have achieved some success, you can upgrade to a keyword tool with more options.

The use of your keyword in your website content is the next order of importance. The rule of thumb is to utilize your keywords in three to seven percent of you content.

The frequency in which you use your keywords are important, but you must make sure that you avoid sounding redundant. The use of many variation of your phrases can be used to keep your content from being too repetitive.

The ability to make your article flow while using your keywords in as many areas as possible will help the search engine robots identify the content of your website. The search engine robots will then rank your site for you key phrases.

Using anchored text when linking to your website is a technique that is vital to increasing rankings with the search engines. When linking back to your site, whether it is from an article, directory, or reciprocal link, using your keywords as an anchored text is the proper strategy.

The top rule in choosing the right keywords has to do with cross checking your keyword results. The best way to get security in your selection is to check your keyword effectiveness with different keyword tools. It may take a little more research, but it beats wasting effort on non performing keywords.

About the Author:
Marc Marseille is a professional internet marketing consultant with many websites on the net providing traffic generation techniques for business owners. Marc is the owner of a natural organic seo company that provides organic seo for internet based businesses.

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