by Celine Smith
Corporate photography plays a critical role during the important events of an organization, and can have a lot of other uses as well. From publicity in the form of advertisements in the print media to product brochures, a company always needs a good photographer to project the right image.

One of the corporate photographer’s most noteworthy tasks is to put forth a progressive picture of the company before clients and shareholders by providing the necessary photos for its annual report. Such reports are testaments to the progress that the company has made in the last year. A company report presented with flashy photographs works as a useful image-building medium that successfully highlights the company’s reputation in the eyes of staff and clients.

Company brochures can be made more attractive by including colourful and innovative pictures so that they make a strong impression on viewers, when circulated in career fairs or in colleges. Brochures projecting a good image of your organization’s work environment can attract worthy aspirants interested in working with your firm. A good corporate photographer can transform potential job candidates out in the market into job seekers with the company.

Similarly, product brochures for customers can also be made very attractive if the corporate photographer has the needed skill. This can have an excellent influence on sales, as it will motivate interested clients to enquire with the firm about its goods or services.

A corporate photographer also keeps track of the achievements of a company like a historian. He is always available at corporate events conducted by the organization to click pictures for later use. A great collection of company’s successes is archived through these pictures. The archive records the history of the firm in pictures for the younger generation and doesn’t let its proud legacy erode with the passage of time.

Many firms now also have an in-house magazine, where pictures and reports of recent events are included for the employees. These pictures help the employees feel a sense of belongingness to the organization, which in turn increases their commitment and decreases employee attrition rates.

These are a few of the various ways in which corporate photographers can immensely help the company. They do not face the limelight but their work is always recognized. The organization stands to gain from a photographer’s service in more ways than one, and so it is essential that the choice of the photographer is carefully made.

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