Article marketing has become an invaluable weapon for people who desire to make money online.  People are used to writing articles as the primary technique in internet marketing.  Writing articles and publishing the same in the many article directories on the web, after all, is a great way to help brand one’s self or one’s business, garner direct traffic via the people who manage to read the content, and spread back links to one’s website via an open republication policy.


And article marketing is highly effective indeed.  No one has ever claimed that it doesn’t work. 


However, there is one method that is even more powerful than article marketing.  The best way to introduce this highly potent way to make money online is to first discuss the limitations of article marketing as a profitable strategy.


You see, for article marketing to work to its fullest potentials, you will need the perfect article – meaning, an article that can capture the reader’s attention and never let go, an article that will make it readers fear a particular need, an article that will make people desperate – or desire – a particular solution.  The known purpose of an article is to inform.  The marketing purpose of an article is to entice and pre-sell.  It is the latter that is quite difficult to accomplish.


Enter the conduit method, a technique invented by renowned internet marketer Chris Rempel.  The conduit method is also involved with the creation of content – like articles – however, it will not target people at random. 


The conduit method will target people who are already at the verge of buying a product.


How can this be done?


Well, this particular way to make money online involves creating reviews of products you will be promoting.  Signed up as an affiliate for Brand X?  Write a review – and honest, objective review – about Brand X and embed your affiliate link all throughout the content.


Why reviews?


Basically, people who are on the fence with regards to a particular product are almost at the point of buying it… they just need a little more push.  Reviews will give them the justification they need.  And once they finally decide on buying the product, the conduit method will ensure that your affiliate link will be there for the reader to use.


So, instead of writing articles that inform and pre-sell, the conduit method to make money online will require you to write reviews instead.  Your reviews should contain the following:

-          Details about the product (name, manufacturer, date of release, version reviewed, etc.).

-          Technical specs of the product.

-          The review proper.  Preferably, this should be presented in a “pros vs. cons” manner.

-          Snippets of what people say about the product.  You can use excerpts from existing reviews on the net.

-          Conclusion.


The review will contain everything that the reader wants to know before he will make a purchase, even if you don’t intend to inform him of such.  By merely writing the review using the pattern discussed above, you will be aiding people in justifying their decisions.


Here lies the beauty of the conduit method as a way to make money online.


So, next time you’ll plan on writing some articles, think about this technique to make money online and ask yourself: “wouldn’t I be better off with reviews?”

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