The wild stories about online millionaires have circled the globe. The story of a 19 year old kid behind a computer making $10,000 dollars a day are about as common as UFO sightings. Unfortunately, they’re also about as realistic. While there is a vast opportunity to make money online, the majority of new marketers lose money before they even get started. They are devoured in an extremely competitive market, where only the strong survive. So what is the key to success in online marketing? Niche marketing. What exactly is niche marketing and what are the advantages of niche marketing? Niche marketing is focusing on a smaller piece of the pie and becoming an expert at it. This is avoiding the competitive markets and focusing on markets that you can win. While this sounds like a great theory, what exactly are the advantages of niche marketing?

First of all, you don’t have to spend as much to get involved. In many ultra-competitive markets, the cost of entry is so expensive; you can’t afford to get involved. Many first time marketers are on a shoestring budget and one mistake could be fatal. Starting in a small market allows you time to grow without losing your life’s savings in the process.

For example, if you use some form of pay-per-click advertising, you’ll have to put up your own money. If you dive right into a market like weight loss or making money at home, the cost of the keywords will be outrageous. You’ll probably pay more than $1 each time someone clicks on your ad. If your product doesn’t sell, you can lose a thousand dollars pretty quickly. Then you run home with your tail tucked between your legs and tell every one of the horrors of the internet.

Another one of the advantages of niche marketing is the lower number of competitors. If you’re using search engine optimization to get traffic, it will be easier. You’ll rank higher in the search engines because there won’t be 11 million other websites with the same keywords as you. This will result in more free traffic and therefore more profit for you. Another one of the advantages of niche marketing is the ease of operating your own business. While any brick and mortar business usually has some form of inventory or overhead, you won’t. A new entrepreneur can make money by selling someone else’s product. This means that you don’t have to warehouse any products or pay any salaries. You can just perform your duties and make money. This is a win-win for the companies selling products and for the marketer.

Focusing on a small niche market is vital to your success as an internet marketer. Just make sure that the market isn’t too small. If you’re trying to market a new Bluetooth headset exclusively to members of a select tribe in the Gobi Desert, you probably won’t make very many sales. Make sure that the niche has enough traffic to get you some sales.

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