Niche Market Strategy

niche market strategy
Mark Pinney joins OMD WA from Meerkats as strategy head
OMD Western Australia has recruited Mark Pinney from brand strategy agency Meerkats as head of strategy. At Meerkats, Pinney was director of channel planning, working on clients including iiNet, HBF and Murdoch University. “Our approach is as much about creating our own insights and research locally as it is extracting and feeding-in knowledge from the [...]
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Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy
What marketing strategy can I use to sell a higher quality but more expensive product?

I need to set up a marketing strategy to sell a very durable and reliable desk drawer slide for $8.75 when there is a competitor selling a cheaper less reliable version for only $1.75– obviously my product is better, but how do I stress that to customers and get them to pay this high price?

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Marketing Plan

marketing plan
Medicare Halts Marketing, New Enrollments by Three Health and Drug Plan Sponsors
Nov. 21, 2010 – Three Medicare health and drug plan sponsors received sanctions Friday from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for violations of Medicare’s rules and regulations.
How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan

Niche Strategy

niche strategy
What makes a little e-boutique stand out amongst name brand retail online stores?

I am starting a boutique e-store to sell ladies clothing and other stuff. I have a desired niche. I have no brick and mortar store to boost sales. Once the website is up and the stock is input, what would are the best ways to get and keep customers? What makes a little e-boutique stand out amongst name brand e-stores? I would also like to maximize sales by listing on ebay, etsy or other auction/sale sites. Which websites would be suggest or not recommend? I would like the business to be profitable over time and not a causal endeavor, leading to a brick and mortar store at a later date. I am trying to figure out e-business strategy. Would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks.

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Marketing Strategies

marketing strategies
What are some innovative marketing strategies I can use?

I’m an online clothing store, I offer a wide range of clothing styles, including hip-hop (urban) style clothing, beach style clothing, current fashion trends and much more.. My store offers clothing to both men and women.

What are some innovative marketing strategies I can use?

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