Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy
What marketing strategy can I use to sell a higher quality but more expensive product?

I need to set up a marketing strategy to sell a very durable and reliable desk drawer slide for $8.75 when there is a competitor selling a cheaper less reliable version for only $1.75– obviously my product is better, but how do I stress that to customers and get them to pay this high price?

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Marketing Branding

marketing branding
What subsections should be included in a Marketing Strategy to re-brand and increase sales of 1 branch?

I need to write a marketing plan for one facility within a care company which is underperforming compared to the others. One reason is due to poor branding and attracting the wrong clients. What elements should I include to denote the rebranding of the centre and potentially alter the target market in peoples minds, and increase its revenue?

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Target Marketing

target marketing
What are the important questions which a marketing manager must ask in order to define a target market?

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Brand Marketing

brand marketing
Marketing Content During the Customer Lifecycle
We’ve established the value of content marketing here through many different posts. Most of the focus has been on creating value from content at the top of the funnel in a buying cycle.
Marketing Plans : What Is Brand Marketing?

Marketing Plan

marketing plan
Medicare Halts Marketing, New Enrollments by Three Health and Drug Plan Sponsors
Nov. 21, 2010 – Three Medicare health and drug plan sponsors received sanctions Friday from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for violations of Medicare’s rules and regulations.
How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing Companies

marketing companies
Where can I find a list of biggest marketing companies in London?

I’m trying to find the biggest marketing companies in London. Ideally ones working for big corporate clients and ones that deal with not only advertising but also brand management, product development and other aspects of marketing.

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