Niche Markets

niche markets
What artists, in your opinon, have a “niche market”? And why haven’t others been successful at this?

For instance, clearly Necro, Kool Keith, and even Nelly to some extent have developed a Niche Market and cornered them well.
Who else has done this successfully and why are others not successful?

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Little Known Details About Niche Marketing

Niche market refers to people who are in a certain need are require your help as a businessman. Niche Marketing is then achieved when you present them with what they need to satisfy their needs. You must have a clear knowledge of what the people?s needs are, the solutions to those needs and who comprises your niche market. One must also know how to price his products which will be fare to him and his market. This calls for focus on the people and their immediate requirements. This concept is good for those seeking to develop their businesses or even those who are new in the market. The secret to success is to make sure that you research well in order to find a need that a certain group has that is yet to be catered for. Choose a niche market that has a personal meaning to you. Try to choose a market with which you have a special attachment. Develop a passion for the niche selected. Do more research to find out the exact needs of your niche market, especially if the business is online.Identify reasons for advertising and the best method that will be suitable for the niche market that you choose. Include the most unique of the feature of that product which will interest many people. Ensure that the product meets the specific needs of the consumers as it?s the lone way of one achieving success. The kind of words that you use to reach that audience should be appealing and familiar to them. When it comes to choosing the niche market, do an analysis before deciding they are the best market for your product. This will let you know whether the market will be receptive to the product or not.Receiving customers feed is a very important part of any business as it helps you know what their needs are. Their views will equip you with essential information on how you will customize your products to suit their needs, tastes and preferences. Through this you will enjoy product success in the market. E-businesses have started making use of niche marketers to find targeted customers to their websites. Customers easily find what they want at a click of a button without having to hassle finding the right products in the internet. Micro niches or micro niche marketing have gained popularity among new e-businesses, as well as established ones who want to boost the sales of their existing products.

Although you will not hear this very often, niche marketing research is the most important thing you can do before you launch your next money-making affiliate campaign. Certainly, you will enjoy the rare oddity of a great business opportunity almost literally falling into your lap, but you cannot predicate your entire financial future on luck, good or bad. Truth be told, you will have to roll up your sleeves and do some real niche marketing research in order to enjoy continuous success as an Internet Marketer.
Perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of forthrightness on the part of some marketers is the sheer volume of work involved in finding and exploiting profitable niches online. If you know something involves a lot of work, you may be less inclined to do it. By niche marketing, I mean that smaller section of a larger market for goods and services that lends itself to the following factors: People are spending money in that sector, and the market is not too crowded by other vendors or affiliates who are sell to that market. A good example of a niche would be “dog training schools in Britain” as compared to “dog training”.
Obviously, the smaller the niche, the fewer purchases will be made by the people who need the product or service, and so is the number of people selling in that market. Therein lies your opportunity. I am not telling you all of this to discourage you. Rather I am trying to inject some pragmatism into an often-overlooked, hyped-up process. In order to find and exploit the many potentially lucrative niches that are available online, here are 3 pillars that you must build on when you are doing niche marketing research. They should always be your foundation for any future online marketing venture.
1. Look for a Proven Market for the Service or Product. Before you spend money trying to sell in any niche, you have to be certain that people are buying the product or services available. This is usually found from research companies, or from vendors who keep records. Click bank for example has a benchmark that will tell you how well a product is selling. The higher the gravity of a product, the more units of that product have been sold. If you are going to sell a ClickBank product, you should at least make sure that Click bank’s gravity score for that product is reasonably good.
2. Make sure the market is willing to pay the price of the product. A good niche research program will give you vital information about a niche that many marketers will never take the time to uncover for themselves. You will want to make sure that the market that exists for your product is willing to spend money to purchase what you are selling. Niche marketing research in this area may be difficult to do, but you can find this kind of information in places like Forrester Research, eBay, Amazon, Google, and many others.
If the vendor you are thinking of representing is of good repute, you may even look at their data for sales of this product. This should include specifics such as how much people are willing to pay for the product.
3. Find and use the best keywords for your products. Keywords are the currency of online marketing research. In affiliate marketing, success in business is all about having the right keywords. Your potential customers will be using keywords to find your products, and your affiliate managers will be using keywords to find you. Merchants are constantly looking for the best keywords to sell their products. If you follow the keywords, they are going to lead you to the money. It happens all the time.
Now, if you thought that proper niche marketing research only involved finding appropriate long-tailed keywords, think again. The thoroughness of your niche market research will pay off in big earnings for many months and years to come. Marketers, who have the budget, and staff, will have many more options to round out their knowledge of a niche before they start selling. Other options include finding good copy writers, web designers, auto-responders, and more. Savvy researchers realize that the value in what they eventually offer to the public will go into their product long before their websites are live. It is like an iceberg. The largest portion of it is always unseen by the public.
The question you are probably asking at this point is “Good Lord, how do you expect me to do all that”? It is a reasonable one. Thankfully, we have a rising cadre of very savvy marketers who understand the value of proper niche marketing research, and are willing to invest in it for the discerning few affiliates who are willing to use this service. I am of the firm opinion that you can find anything you want online. Good niche marketing research tools and services are not except either.

How to Become a Super Affiliate in Niche Markets

Over the past years, web hosting has grown bigger than it used to be. With more companies getting into this business and finding the many benefits it can give them, the demand for web hosting has never been higher. These seem to be the trend of today.

38 million people have put up their very first websites online this year 2005 alone. It is estimated that by 2008, the internet sales industry will top then dollar bank. And to think, majority of those sites will be offering different affiliate programs for people to choose and participate into.

This only means one thing. It is easier now to find the right web host for your application. The possibility of quality web hosting companies separating themselves from the rest of the industry is anticipated. If this is done, the unprofessional and incompetent ones will suffer.

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How to Find Those Niche Markets

The first rule of being a successful affiliate marketer is to pick a profitable niche market to spend time and effort in promoting. If you neglect this important step, you will not make any money using article marketing. From this base you will start to build a large selection of articles, all from a giant list of low competition keywords, to reach a more general audience within your chosen niche. Each keyword will represent one article. Writing your articles this way, you will be targeting a specific audience, but you will find a carry over within the niche to other people using other keywords. In addition, on your site, you will have multiple webpages, each targeting specific angles on your niche, to attract the attention of those looking into your niche subject for their answers. They will be interested in many of your pages, and be satisfied with what they find. This will translate into repeat visits, which will turn into higher chances of converting visitors into buying customers. You can find keywords for your niche market the hard way, or you can do it the easy way. The easy way being by using a keyword software program, where you type in a broad keyword term, usually a single word like “dieting”, and the software will dig in and locate many keyword variations on that single word that people are using to find your niche market. Along with the words in the list, the software will show you how many searches are being made for each word or phrase, and the better keyword software terms will even go so far as to tell you how much competition is already playing the game you want to get into. This data — keywords, number of searches, and number of competing sites — will give you enough information to decide where your time and effort will be best spent. You want keywords and niche markets where there are numerous searches but not enough sites competing for those terms. This is what is meant as low competition keyword terms. Sure, individually you will not get much traffic, but the traffic you do get will be highly targeted, which is the best kind of traffic. The more words you find that are low competition keywords, the more highly targeted traffic you will have. That increases your chances of getting sales, and that is the real name of the game. A big benefit of using low-competition keyword phrases is that you can easily find yourself in the top ranks of the searches for that keyword phrase very quickly, by writing articles optimized with your newly found low competition keyword phrases. If you find several niche topics that meet your interest, then you should focus on no more than three to begin with, and go with the easiest ones first. Build your site or blog around those three sets, write your articles around them, then after you build up your income from these sets, you can start on the next set, with another site or blog, and repeat this process. By developing the skill of identifying profitable keyword phrases with optimized article writing, you will find it getting easier and easier to profit from low competition keywords and niche marketing. To learn more about how you can find success in internet marketing please visit

Niche Market Research – 7 Easy Steps

Internet marketers are always talking about niche market research as if it’s a guarded magical process that only a few insiders truly understand. Well, we’re going to show you a quick and easy, step-by-step process for doing niche marketing research that you can start using immediately. How does that sound?Pretty cool, huh?So, let’s get started. Step One: Your GoalThe goal of this process is to come to the end of it with a brand new niche market that you know you can go into and start making money almost immediately. It’ll be a hungry market, with hungry buyers, and enough openings for you to slip in without anyone noticing.Step Two: Amazon.comWe’re after a clearly defined niche market that is already populated by a group of hungry buyers. So, we’re going to start at At the top of the first page, next to the search box, select the book department, and go. In the left hand navigation column, you’ll notice all the different book topics. Pick one that interests you. Let’s say, Parenting & Families. Now, you’ll notice a new set of topics in the left hand column. Pick one. Let’s say, Family Relationships. And from that navigation column, let’s choose Divorce.Step Three: ReviewsOur first glance at the books on divorce will focus on the number of reviews for each book. Reviews indicate a market that’s involved and active, which is what we’re looking for. At the time of this writing, you’ll see review numbers such as 149, 29, 90, 30, 62, 42 and so on. These are wonderful numbers. They demonstrate a clearly-active group. If you were seeing much smaller numbers, let’s say in the 0-10 range, then you’d have to be a little concerned about your market. Though it’s only one consideration in this process.Step Four: TitlesNext, you want to take a look at the titles. Even though this section is about divorce, you’ll find titles such as How to Survive the Loss of a Love, and The Good Bye Book: How To Heal A Broken Heart In 30 Days, and Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends. These are all possible sub-niches. Not just about divorce, but how to survive the loss of a relationship. So you might want to note these potential sub-niches for future reference.Step Five: NumbersNext, you want to take a look at the sales ranking of these titles. Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce is #3,670 in Books. This can be found by clicking on the book cover and moving down the page to the section title Product Details. Sales Rank for this title is 3,670. Since they carry millions of titles, this is an excellent ranking. Make note of it.Step Six: DummiesDoes the topic have an Idiot’s Guide or a Dummies book? In the case of divorce, yes, there’s a Divorce For Dummies title. This is a plus. It demonstrates that research has already been conducted in this niche and the folks behind the Dummies books felt it was a profitable niche to go after. It’s not devastating if there isn’t a Dummies title in your niche, but it’s a definite plus if there is one.Step Seven: Check out the competition. If you enter “divorce” in a Google search, you’ll find that there are over 66 million pages on the Internet with that word in the content. You can’t compete with 66 million pages.  You’ll never be seen.  So you want to find a niche within divorce that you can go after. To do this, go to the Google External Keyword Tool ( and enter the term “divorce.” Then start going down the list and entering the supplied keywords into a Google search inside quotes (for example: “divorce dating”) until you find a group of keywords without tons of competition. Now you’ve done your niche market research and you’ve got yourself a niche market.