Niche Marketing Strategies

niche marketing strategies
In what part of a business plan would you include future strategies for expansion/diversification?

At what stage in a business plan would you include future strategies for expansion/diversification into related niche markets? What would be a good title for this section, and what other relevant information should be included here?

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Profitable Niche

profitable niche
Teetering at Dow 12,000
Today’s negative view of current events will evolve into a positive over time.
Niche Blueprint 2.0: Finding Profitable Niches

Define Niche Marketing

define niche marketing
I’ve spent 4 years outside my professional field. How should extended absences be handled in an interview?

During the last 4 years, I’ve designed a niche product and started a company that produces and sells the product. We’ve created the market with good success and the future looks very promising so I don’t want to make a decision on the company until the probabilities are better defined. I have a steadfast employee that could keep the doors open with hardly any involvement from me. During these 4 years, I have continuously performed consulting services so I have been involved on the periphery of my profession (finance), but with most of my focus on the start-up company. I could earn 6 figures in my profession but would lose upside as well as several hundred thousand $$ if I close the start-up company – I just have to do something to cover my financial position should the start-up fail. I am proud that I have created the company and the market. How should I handle my cursory involvement in my profession for the last 4 years and how much should I disclose about the start-up?

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Internet Marketing

internet marketing
Internet marketing?

I would like to find a Marketing company that can handle the marketing of my Internet store. I know they have to be out there.
Anyone have any names or websites that I can check?

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Finding Niche Market

finding niche market
Is this an acceptable way of marketing a niche service online?

We have a small plumbing business and I have found a niche service of winterizing homes in our area that I would like to market to real estate brokers and property managers. In this area I can access them mostly by email or by phone message. I would like to send an email that outlines our service and prices. I think it would be easier to track responses by email but is email a professional way to approach this?

I am new to online marketing and since our professional reputation is important I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. We are on an advertising budget -most off which has already been allocated for other things so I do need to be careful here.

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Niche Marketing Secrets

niche marketing secrets
I’m thinking of becoming a used-coffin salesman…will it work?

As we all know, coffins are expensive and if you can get cheaper ones that look expensive, well, there you’ve got what we like to call a “niche” market.

Don’t ask me where I got the used coffins from. It’s a trade secret much like the formula for Coca-Cola. But most of them are clean, and I’ve sprayed Ozium in some of the older boxes just to freshen it up a bit.

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