Play Niche Marketing

play niche marketing
Colorado ag officials ask brewers to try millet
Colorado agriculture officials are turning to brewers to see if they can help boost the state’s sales of millet, a cereal grain that so far is a sliver of the nation’s food industry.
Sound Advice TV feat. Derek Sivers – Niche Marketing Pt. 1

Strategic Marketing

strategic marketing
Web Design & Strategic Marketing Degree from online school; suggestions?

I am looking to obtain a degree that will help me to get in to Web Design & Strategic Marketing. I am looking for an online school so it can accommodate my work schedule; suggestions?

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Niche Ideas

niche ideas
i want to start making youtube videos, but i need help finding my niche (or style), any ideas?

what should the videos be about?

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Marketing Branding

marketing branding
What subsections should be included in a Marketing Strategy to re-brand and increase sales of 1 branch?

I need to write a marketing plan for one facility within a care company which is underperforming compared to the others. One reason is due to poor branding and attracting the wrong clients. What elements should I include to denote the rebranding of the centre and potentially alter the target market in peoples minds, and increase its revenue?

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Define Niche Marketing

define niche marketing
I’ve spent 4 years outside my professional field. How should extended absences be handled in an interview?

During the last 4 years, I’ve designed a niche product and started a company that produces and sells the product. We’ve created the market with good success and the future looks very promising so I don’t want to make a decision on the company until the probabilities are better defined. I have a steadfast employee that could keep the doors open with hardly any involvement from me. During these 4 years, I have continuously performed consulting services so I have been involved on the periphery of my profession (finance), but with most of my focus on the start-up company. I could earn 6 figures in my profession but would lose upside as well as several hundred thousand $$ if I close the start-up company – I just have to do something to cover my financial position should the start-up fail. I am proud that I have created the company and the market. How should I handle my cursory involvement in my profession for the last 4 years and how much should I disclose about the start-up?

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Niche Marketing Black

niche marketing black
How can I successfully market my black & white social documentary photographs?

I studied photography in Garry Winogrand’s class in Austin in 1979 and have been photographing as a street photographer for thirty years, have a website, a presence on other websites, had many exhibitions, received many favourable comments but few sales. What is the best way to reach the niche market of fine art social documentary photograph collectors in the USA in particular and the world at large?

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