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Colorado ag officials ask brewers to try millet
Colorado agriculture officials are turning to brewers to see if they can help boost the state’s sales of millet, a cereal grain that so far is a sliver of the nation’s food industry.
Sound Advice TV feat. Derek Sivers – Niche Marketing Pt. 1

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niche marketing group
Terra Marketing Group To Work With The Edmonton Christmas Bureau
1888PressRelease Terra Marketing Group is excited to deliver 15 hampers to less fortunate families in the Edmonton community. These hampers will provide all the ingredients needed for a traditional Christmas dinner for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.Internet marketing company, Terra Marketing Group, announced today that they will provide full Christmas dinners to 15 large …
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Killer Niche Marketing

killer niche marketing

No less than CNN is reporting the rumors that Google does indeed have a social networking site in the works which could give Facebook some competition. This new social site/program is supposed to be called GoogleMe or Google Me.

Only Google knows the truth.

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Niche Market Software

niche market software
Whatever happened to Amiga?

My very first computer was a Commodore Amiga 1200 it was an amazing system, both hardware and software. I still have it packed away under my bed. Back before PCs became the dominant system Amigas were everywhere. Then due to numerous buyouts and financial problems they pretty much became a niche market for enthusiasts and never again matched the performance of PCs. I read that they continued to develop the AmigaOS to version 4.0, and that it can be run on some new unofficial hybrid systems, but what about official Amiga hardware. What is Amiga doing now?

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Using Niche Marketing

using niche marketing
Why are comic book movies so popular now?

I mean a Wolverine movie? Comic books used to be a niche market, and now people still have a stereotypical idea that comics are for kids, even after Watchmen.

Hellboy, Spiderman, Iron Man all made a lot of money, families and mainstream movie goers are seeing it. What gives?

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Niche Market Example

niche market example

Lots of information has been published about niche marketing, and with all the help freely available, it should be possible to quickly and easily identify yours. The problem is, in niche marketing, how do you find your way through tough competition?

20th century history is full of the most amazing examples of niche builders and how they made them work. For example, in the 1920s, Walt Disney founded the beginnings of a huge empire on the unknown art of child-like sketches – later known as cartoons. This was to find it’s way through the toughest competition: the Wall Street Crash, Great Depression and World War 2. Who would have thought a business as silly as cartoons would have the ability to survive some of the worst crises of recent history?

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