Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing
What are the top niche markets for affiliate marketers?

I’m new to affiliate marketing, I am still in the research phase. I was wondering which niche markets are highly profitable and converts well.
Try to give specific examples ie. LCD TV’s.

Thank you.

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Niche Marketing Article

niche marketing article
Build an informational website???

I wanted to get some tips and opinions on building an informational website. Is this a good niche? By information I mean just about anything dealing with information, such as articles, ebooks, etc. Maybe promoting other websites, etc. Oh, and also selling things such as ebooks, regular books, cd’s, dvd’s etc. Is this a good market? I am new to the whole small business world, but have been really trying. I do have a small website right now, but it is based on just selling variety new and used items, and I want to point toward something else. I do know about search engines, keywords, etc. so I do not need any tips on these. Thanks in advance for any answers!

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Niche Market Ideas

niche market ideas
is it common for bulls (intact male cattle) to stand at “stud”?

i often see stallions standing at stud but thought that most cattle feeders and breeders probably own their own bull. i was thinking of starting a side business that will lease bulls to “expose” to other cows and heifers. i know people sell the straws of semen but maybe this might be a niche market- any ideas?

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Strategic Marketing

strategic marketing
Web Design & Strategic Marketing Degree from online school; suggestions?

I am looking to obtain a degree that will help me to get in to Web Design & Strategic Marketing. I am looking for an online school so it can accommodate my work schedule; suggestions?

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Niche Marketing Sites

niche marketing sites
Ok, I need some marketing help. I have registered a domain name for a specific niche market and want to create

a directory to include companies that offer a particular service or product. I am wondering how to approach these vendors to place a description of there product/service on my site with a direct link to there site. Would I offer this free of charge, just to get traffic coming to my site, could I charge a low annual or monthly listing fee, and what would be a practical amount to ask for? If anyone has any thoughts and/or experience regarding something like this, please let me know. The idea is to get traffic coming to my site, but I don’t want to just give out free advertising…please help!

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For Niche Marketing

for niche marketing
Where to look for diamonds in the rough? Niche Markets?

I am looking for a company I can invest a bit money into well establish but unknown company. How and where do you find these gems?!! Is there a website that tracks new trends and niche markets or unknown companies? I am not really interested in penny stocks. But companies with a promising future.

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