Make Money Online in a Tough Economy

Have you always wondered why others are making big money online and you have trouble earning just a few measly bucks? Do you dream of online earnings that you can make from the comfort of your home without having to answer to a boss?  Would you like to make money online in this tough economy? Find out how others are earning big money online and how you can too.

Most successful online entrepreneurs have more than one source of income. They use websites, blogs, affiliate products, residual and multi-level programs, Ebay income, advertising revenue, their own products, and other people products. Few people that make big money online do it by using just a single technique.

And that is a mistake that most new comers make. They hear about a program that interests them and they commit all of their efforts to that one thing. If success doesn’t come to them right away, they quit working the program and feel that they can’t make money online.  

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Internet niche marketing is one of the fastest growing industries around especially with the profitable adsense program from Google. The Internet has become a vital resource for many and with so many people regularly using the Internet; smart investors are realizing the potential for generating a profit from the ever growing dependence of society on the Internet. This article will provide useful information for those who are interested in learning more about this cutting edge market and beginning a potentially lucrative career in niche marketing.
Researching Niche Marketing on the Internet
It may come as a surprise to some, but one of the most obvious ways to research the subject of niche marketing is via the Internet. The Internet is filled with websites offering information related to the subject of niche marketing. There are informational websites offering instructional articles and success stories, message boards offering a place for those involved or interested in the industry to share information or ask questions and commercial websites offering ebooks, classes and other instructional services for a fee.
Websites which have informative articles may provide a great deal of information for visitors but care should be taken to verify the information obtained online. This is important because although the Internet can provide a great deal of accurate information, there is also the potential for websites to spread misinformation as well.
A great deal about niche marketing can also be learned via the Internet by examining the websites of direct competitors in your niche. This is an important step because websites of competitors can be used to determine which elements of the website design are most effective for reaching potential customers. Understanding this will help the website owner to create a niche website which is superior to the competition.
Learning Internet Niche Marketing through Ebooks
Ebooks are another way for those who are interested in Internet niche marketing to learn about the industry. Ebooks are similar to published books but they are made available in a software format as opposed to printed on paper. You may find many different ebooks on the subject of Internet niche marketing online. Most of these ebooks are available for purchase but a few are offered free of charge. Downloading a free ebook on the subject may be helpful but many of the higher quality ebooks do charge a fee to download their ebook.
In selecting an ebook on the subject of Internet niche marketing, care should be taken to purchase an ebook from a reputable source. One way to do this is to search for reviews of the ebook from independent reviewers. This is important because these reviewers have no vested interest in promoting the ebook and will likely provide an honest evaluation of the quality of the ebook.
An Education in Internet Niche Marketing
Finally learning about Internet niche marketing may come in the form of a higher education degree. Universities are beginning to recognize the vastness of Internet niche marketing and are starting to offer classes related to this industry. These courses may be offered as part of a curriculum in advertising and sales or may be offered independently for those who want to learn more about the subject. Participation in these independent courses may not even require matriculation. Additionally, independent courses may even be offered as online courses making it even easier for those who are hoping to learn more about the industry while maintaining a job in another industry.
Using the Internet to Find Your Niche
The Internet is a wonderful place where users can find a great deal of information. However, many are not aware that the Internet is also where some savvy entrepreneurs can find lucrative business opportunities. Internet niche marketing is just one example of how those in the know can turn their hard work and dedication into profit. This is not to say that Internet marketing is a simple field where anyone can prosper but there are opportunities for those how are willing to persevere in their efforts.
Learning Internet Marketing Online
Believe it or not Internet niche market is a subject that can be learned online. It certainly helps for those who hope to prosper in this industry to have some knowledge of marketing and business before venturing in an Internet niche marketing campaign but it is not necessary. There is a great deal of information on organizing and executing a niche marketing campaign available online. This information may come in a number of different forms including websites offering informative articles, message boards focusing on the industry and ebooks which are available free of charge or for a fee.
Let us first examine learning about Internet marketing through websites. Type the search term, -Internet niche marketing- into your favorite search engine and you will likely receive millions of search results. Shifting through all of the search results would be rather time consuming and many of them would likely not be relevant. Fortunately the search engines do a great deal of work for you and the most useful websites will likely appear on the first couple of pages of search results. This still leaves you with a great deal of information to sort through but considering you are likely planning to turn niche marketing into a career this research is certainly worthwhile.
Carefully examine the search results you obtain from your search and bookmark the websites which seem most useful. Next take as much time as necessary to comb through all of these websites to find the most useful information. Take notes as you do to create a comprehensive resource for yourself. After this review your notes and investigate items which seem unclear to your further. This research may include offline resources such as books or phone calls to experts in the industry.
Search Engines are Your Friend
Now that you have already used the Internet to learn about the industry of Internet marketing, you probably know that finding a profitable niche is imperative. A niche is essentially a specific area of interest. Ideally you will already be an expert in this subject and it will be a subject which has a wide Internet audience without a great deal of existing websites focusing on this niche. Once again, you can turn to the Internet for finding this niche.
You may already have a few ideas for niches. These are probably subjects you are passionate about and understand very well. Examining statistical information provided by popular search engines regarding the popularity of search terms related to your niche will give you a good indication of whether or not Internet users are interested in your niche. If keywords related to your niche are searched on these search engines often, it is evident there is an audience for your niche. Next it is time to enter these keywords in a search engine and evaluate the websites which are provided as results for these keywords. If there are many strong results the niche can be considered saturated. In this case, it is a good idea to abandon the original idea and search for another niche. However, if there are not many high quality search results, you may have found your perfect niche.

Internet Marketing Niche for Home-Based Internet Businesses

Niche Market Research may possibly the only way Home-Based Internet Businesses can compete with huge corporations that spend huge amounts of money on Internet marketing. For example, a company that makes every kind of bicycle you can think of spends their marketing dollars on “bicycles” which is a broad market. In order to compete with the “bicycle company”, as a home-based Internet business you might consider a much smaller niche market like “mountain bike seats”.

the quickest and cheapest way to generate income from the Internet is to start a home-based Internet business using Pay-Per-Click Advertising (AdSense) and Affiliate Marketing. If you want to succeed at AdSense Affiliate Marketing, niche market research is an absolute requirement. Select the wrong niche and fail. Select the right niche markets and you WILL make money.What is a Niche Market?

A home-based Internet business generating income with pay-per-click advertising and affiliate marketing must be focused on a niche market with a high probability of making money. Choose the wrong niche and you will be wasting time. Find the right Internet niche and you can make $1,000.00 to $15,000 per month and even more.

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What My Cat Taught Me About Niche Marketing

Some people are “dog people,” others are “cat people.” I’m a cat person. Regardless of which pet you prefer, we can all agree that pets enrich our lives in many ways. They provide unconditional affection, they don’t care what we look like, and sometimes even they teach us a life lesson.
But I never expected my cat to teach me a marketing lesson! A niche marketing lesson, to be more precise.
At this point, the dog lovers reading this are saying that this cat person is crazy. But I’m not. Here’s how it happened.
Like millions of other pet lovers, I bought plenty of pet toys. We all want to be able to interact with our pets, yet still have them not be bored when we’re away.
My cat went through the usual toy assortment: feathers, balls with bells in them, foam balls, catnip, string, and an assortment of stuffed rodents. Because we all want the best for our furry friends, I bought the biggest stuffed rat I could find. It received an occasional sniff but was mostly ignored.
The medium-sized stuffed mice received more attention, but only if I moved the mouse or threw it for the cat. He wouldn’t play with it on his own.
Then my cat was given a pair of tiny stuffed mice. I thought they were too small and would be ignored just as the giant rat was.
Boy was I wrong!
Like a lion on a gazelle, my cat pounced on the tiny mouse and gave it a beating it would never forget. He played mouse hockey through the house, scoring goals under the refrigerator and under the stove. He played baseball, tossing the mouse high into the air and catching it again, or hitting a home run on the way down. He played jungle lion, proudly carrying his prey back to his waiting pride (me!).
So what does all this warm fuzzy cat stuff have to do with online sales?
It’s a metaphor for niche marketing. The cat is the consumer. The cat toys are your products. The ultimate goal is to match the former with the latter.
Your first product, the giant rat, was of vague interest to the consumer (the cat). The consumer sniffed at your ad or sales page, but did not like what he smelled, and moved on. No sales.
Your second product, the medium-sized mice, were more interesting to the potential buyer. He would take action, but only after intensive prompting on your part. You would probably have to spend a lot on pay per click ads or gave away lots of bonuses to get his business. A few sales might be made, but it would be expensive to get those sales.
But your third product, the mini-mouse, was pure magic! Your cat consumer took one look, something in his brain clicked, and a sale was made. It was as if your product was a key that unlocked the part of the customer’s brain that triggered the buying impulse. Jackpot!
That’s what my cat taught me about niche marketing. You must find a product that somebody desperately wants (preferably a large group of somebodies). That product must be exactly what they were looking for, even if they didn’t know they wanted it! It must be so tantalizing that your customer is more concerned about playing with his new toy than he or she is about paying for it.
You see, I made a classic info-product mistake with my cat. I gave him what I thought he would like. I wasted money promoting large stuffed rodents and heaps of other toys to him. What I didn’t do is ask him what he needed and give him that!
Don’t make the same mistake! Figure out what your customers want FIRST, and give them that. Then watch them pounce on it so fast that the payment process is almost an afterthought for them.
I have since learned that the mini-mice are about the same size as real mice. No wonder the cat was sold on them immediately! He had never seen a real mouse, but there was a mini-mouse sized niche in his brain that was instantly gratified by the smallest mouse toy.
Don’t give your customers what you think they need. Ask them what they want, and give them that. Then you will have truly created a better mousetrap, and they will beat a path to your door (and your bank account)!
Learn more about making more money from niche marketing with the resources below.

Make Money Online With your Own Home Based Business

Millions of people are trying to make money online with their own home-based business. It’s nothing new really; people have always tried to make money from home. Using the Internet, opportunities are plentiful. Here are just a few of the opportunities that are available.

One of the easiest and most popular methods of making money from home is through Ebay. Ebay is an online auction where items are bought and sold. It is easy to open an account and practically any item imaginable can be sold there. Many people sell used household items but many new items are sold as well.

Many people make a very nice living by selling things on Ebay. If you decide to become an Ebay seller, make sure you research the cost to package and ship your item before listing it, especially if it is a large item. My daughter recently sold a baby carriage and paid over $100 to have it packaged and shipped.

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Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “find your niche” more than once. But what does it really mean? Niche Marketing generally refers to the development of a monetized website intended to have a specific appeal to sub-mainstream markets. Most niche marketing websites are usually monetized with a mixture of Google Adsense and affiliate products.
Niche marketing is often considered an ideal venture for new marketers. This is because there is generally less competition in highly specific niches, which usually translates to lower operating and advertising costs. Choosing the right niche can also enable a new marketer to establish themselves as an expert while gaining valuable experience in the world of Internet marketing.
A profitable niche must meet a few requirements. The stronger each aspect is, the more profitable the niche can be. It comes down to “supply and demand”. First, it’s important that there are a good number of people actively searching for the information that your niche will be providing (i.e. high demand). Second, you’ll want to be sure that your niche does not have a lot of other websites targeting it (i.e. low supply). And finally, you’ll need to make sure there is money in your market. This all involves research.
Looking for a niche market should begin with a brainstorming session about things that you have some experience with or an interest in. Keep in mind, enjoying the niche you choose is always a plus as it will help you maintain your focus when building your business. Checking out your ideas on websites such as “Yahoo Buzz”, “AOL Hot Searches”, and “eBay Pulse” will give you a jump start on finding out if there is a high demand for them.
Keyword research is the absolute best way to drill down your niche into smaller, more specific sub-topics. Using the free keyword search tool offered by Wordtracker will assist with this. It will provide you with an estimated daily search volume for a given word and offer you suggestions for other words related to it. For example, doing a search for a topic like “recipes” will allow you to discover what types of recipes are being searched for and approximately how many people per day are searching for them.
Doing a search on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for each of your newly drilled down keywords (in quotes) is the next step. The top of each page will tell you exactly how many results contain that keyword. Remember, we are looking for a niche with a good number of searches but not too much competition. Also, take note of the number of Adwords ads that appear during your Google word searches. It’s important that you can confirm that advertisers are willing to pay for traffic for these words if you are planning on using Google Adsense on your new niche website.
Finally, you will need to find out if there are affiliate program available for your niche market. There are affiliate programs for almost everything these days, so the odds are in your favor. Checking affiliate networks such as Clickbank and Commission Junction are good places to begin. Simply doing a search for your keywords with the words “affiliate program” included will also give you a good idea of what’s out there.
Once you have compiled all of your information you should have a good idea of possible niche markets and if they have the potential to be profitable for you. The final decision on which niche market to target can be based on the highest search count, the least competitors, the highest number of Adwords ads or a combination of all of these factors. Finding the perfect balance between search volume and competition is up to you. Once you find your niche, you can move onto building your website to capitalize on it as effectively as possible. Be prepared. Niche marketing often results in big profits and tremendous success!