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Experienced affiliate marketers know that the way to make money is to find a profitable niche market and then exploit it. If you cannot find such a market as an affiliate marketer then you are going to struggle to earn income, and income is the lifeblood of your business. Finding the right market will generate for you a steady stream of income and if you do not do your research and find a niche market then you will not become a successful affiliate marketer. Now you understand the importance of finding your market, the steps below will help you to identify niche markets that will generate incomes for you.

Identify a market that you have an interest in and if possible one in which you are knowledgeable. You are looking initially for a broad category such as self improvement, sports, health and fitness. Once you have identified your category you now need to drill down into this market to identify your niche.

Explore what smaller component markets are available within your market. By components i mean look for more focused areas of interest within the market. For example, for golf you may identify a specific niche within this market such as golf trolleys or golf clothing. You could even break the component down further into electric golf trolleys or golf waterproof clothing.

Once you have identified your specific niche you then need to find an affiliate product to promote. The easiest way to do this is to visit a company such as Clickbank, check out their marketplace for your niche, select a good fit product, sing up as an affiliate and get marketing.

Now that you have identified your niche and the product you are going to promote you now need to identify what your target buyers look like. Take golfers for example. If your focus is electric trolleys then the chances are that your target buyer will be over 45 and a member of a golf club. If your niche is golfing waterproofs then you you need to identify who your target is and when they are likely to buy. For waterproofs you are marketing to a global golf market however different parts of the world will be looking to buy different types of waterproofs at different times of the year. In winter golfers look for heavy duty waterproofs, in summer they look for lightweight waterproofs. You are now beginning to clearly identify your niche and your target buyers.

You now need to identify which of your niche markets is likely to be the most profitable and therefore the one you want to promote and invest your time in. The easiest way to do this is to use the Google search engine. Come up with some keywords that you think your target buyers may use to find the products within the niche. Take the keywords and enter them into google, remember to enclose your keywords within quotations. Check the search results returned. What you are looking for are keywords which return 10,000 pages. You then need to check for paid ads in these pages. If you find these then you have identified your first niche market with hot buyers but little competing marketers.

Now that you have done this for one niche market and proven it to be successful you can use these same steps to identify other hot niche markets. The more profitable niche markets you can identify the more products you can promote and the more revenue you can generate.

Brian E McClelland

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