Many dream of foregoing their office jobs for one where they can telecommute. Those whose office is located a few steps from their bedroom save the time and gasoline wasted in a daily drive to and from the office. Many parents also like to work from home to be closer to their children. Working from home is also perfect for those who hate to dress in a shirt and tie everyday to report to an office. The decision to work from ones house needs to be carefully weighed, since it is not a viable option for some. With a few tips and ideas in mind, though, almost anyone can alter their environment to be better able to base ones business at home, and this will save money and time on commutes while spending more time with ones family.
One of the largest problems with working from home is staying on task. Many people find it difficult to concentrate on their work, especially if they have young children or pets in the house who constantly need attention. The fewer distractions one has, the easier it will be to remain motivated while working from home. It is important that one has a clearly defined office space. When the home office worker is in this area, the family should know to not disturb him. Some have enough space in their homes to devote a spare room to a home office. This is ideal, since the door can be closed against any distractions. Others have to use a corner of a room in which to locate their desk, computer, and other home office needs. If this is the case, one trick to encourage family members to leave one be would be to wear “work clothes”. This can be anything from a specific hat to a shirt and tie. Wearing these clothing will let others know that the person is “at work” and is not to be disturbed. Some find that dressing in business attire even when working out of the house helps to put them into the mindset for work.
Another method to stay motivated while working from home is to have “office hours”. These might be from 9 am to 5 pm like in a regular office, or they might be from 9 pm to 5 am if one is a night owl. Whatever these hours are, one needs to closely adhere to them. This will let one specify time for work and time for play. During the working hours, one needs to devote oneself to working in the home office and doing nothing else. One method some use is to pretend that they have a boss looking over their shoulder while “on the clock”. If one has difficulty sticking to a schedule, signing a time card daily might help to establish a routine. Once accustomed to working those hours, writing down ones working times can be abandoned. A written record also helps one to review habits over the past month.
Just as having a specific schedule is important, so is knowing when to stop. Some people want to work past their scheduled time. While this might be profitable, it takes away time which might be spent with friends and family. Part of working away from a traditional office building is to balance ones work with fun. In order to prevent burnout and stay interested, it is important to know when to have fun.
Following these tips can help one to stay focused and motivated while working from home.

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