Ever thinking of start a work-from-home business? Most people do have a dream of working for themselves from their comfort home. However, it turns out there are major pros and cons having a work-from-home business. If you are interested in making your fortune by working from home, then you need to know how to take advantages of its pros and avoid the cons that can make you fail. Let’s explore the reality pros and cons of working from home that you should consider before you set up the business.1. You are your own bossPro: By working at home, you have no boss to look at your back and rush you to complete tasks or to meet a project dateline that you have been paid for as a working individual. You do not need to complete a task assigned by your boss or to write tedious weekly or monthly reports. You are your own boss, you decide what to do next, and you make the call for all decisions.Con: The reality for many people are that your productivity is often affected when nobody look at your back. You may work hard initially, but after a while you get lazy because no boss is chasing you to meet the dateline for a task. It’s a common human behaviour to get lazy and tend to do things slower if no dateline to be met or no boss to rush them to complete a task within schedule.2. You write your own paycheckPro: If you work for your own at home, you are the one who will decide how much you can earn each month. Basically, you write your own paycheck and decide the amount of the check. There is no limit for the amount to be written on the check, only sky is the limit. Therefore, you can decide to earn 10K a month or 100K a month, any amount is possible, you make the call.Con: It is not easy to earn a paycheck with amount equal or higher than your current salary, you need to have smart business plan. Many people who try to work from home and earn money online have failed and quit the online business and go back to workplace. So, it not an easy task to replace your day job with a home business unless you have done it right with a right business plan and you may need a good blueprint to help if you do not know how to avoid the common mistakes made by those people who had failed in the business.3. You work in flexible schedule & less hoursPro: This is the major benefit and the dream for many working individuals who need to work in fixed hours. You decide your working time and how long you want to work; you can choose to work for just 1 or 2 hours a day and start to work at the middle of the day or even at the mid-night and you can take time off whenever you wish.Con: For most people, starting a work-from-home business means hard work and long working hours. You have to put in efforts in choosing a right business and do it right until it achieves a success level before you can work in relax mode. And, don’t expect to work in minimum hours because you have a lot of works to do and you need to spend time to get them done if you want a success work-from-home business.SummaryStarting a work-from-home business involves a lot of efforts and commitments. You should consider it carefully to take advantages of its pros and avoid the cons so that you can success in the business.

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