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The Internet has advanced to such a stage that there are numerous website present On the web these days. As the websites grew in number so has been the rise in the need for marketing these websites in a more profession and effective manner. The webmasters have turned to article marketing in order to promote their websites. People who read the articles will be directed to the parent website when they click on the links provided in the articles.

In the beginning, most website owners would rely on articles and textual marketing for promotion. However, with the advent of new Internet tools and the rise in technology, more and more site owners today rely on video marketing more than anything else. So let’s read more about video marketing.

The biggest benefit of video marketing is that the targeted user does not need to go through the entire article in details. In stead, in video marketing, the user simply has to sit through a visual that is mostly engaging. There are so many video marketing sites on the Internet today and most of these sites can link the video viewers to the original websites and hence boosting the traffic of these websites.

Video marketing has been around for 2-3 years now. However, it’s only recently that the web users and Internet advertisers have started taking notice of it. Everybody seems to have risen to the realization that a video, if well made, significantly enhances the chances of website success. One important thing to keep in mind when submitting a video is that a content agreement must be established between the creator and the uploading site.

Videos used in Internet marketing can be short or long. The short videos are considered initial stage of marketing. Short videos are mostly under two minutes and they just give a brief idea about creator’s product and/or website. On the other hand, long videos give detailed description about product and process and are more aimed at a categorized audience.

Perhaps the biggest edge that video marketing concept holds over others such as textual, graphic, and audio is that videos are naturally catchy and can easily grab the attention of the target audience. In addition to this, it’s also human tendency to believe more on what they see rather than what they hear or read. All the statistical surveys clearly show the liking that an average Internet user has for video marketing as compared to any other form of it.

You can see that the video marketing is more attractive like what the saying goes ‘seeing is believing”. This helps to attract more crowds who are interested in viewing rather than reading long boring articles. It has been found out as per the statistic video marketing has 50% share in the online marketing. YOU TUBE is found to be responsible for 12% of the shares in the video marketing.

Another important feature of video marketing is that the investor can reach a massive audience with just a very minimal investment and this automatically enhances your return on investment. Going into a little statistical data by Interactive Advertising Bureau, it’s likely that above 50% of American population with access to computer and Internet will view videos online in the coming year. That’s already a big percentage number, not to mention the fact that it’s only set to grow every year.

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