First things first, niche markets are basically people that belong to core groups within your specified target customer audience. These people actually have characteristically similar lifestyles.
Break it down
In order to determine specific niche markets, it is best to break your particular demographic customers into specific sub-categories.
For instance, if you are manufacturing specific products for mothers and their babies, that is a niche market in itself. This market is particularly larger as it covers parents.
Look around
In order to market a new product to mothers, you therefore need to look at your particular product info which is available in childhood early classes as well as in birthing, the office of your pediatrician, baby supply stores, studios that do baby photography.
It could also be a good idea to survey new mommies and determine where it is they buy and shop and what are the specific things that attract their mommy-attention.
This is so that you will be able to know much about your particular niche markets and make it easy for you to reach all of them.
Attract, attract, attract
After having identified your particular niche market, it is therefore important to capture their utmost attention via highlighting the specific aspects of your product or service that would be clearly beneficial to them.
The fact of the matter is that all materials used in marketing need to utilize language that is appropriate while at the same time avoiding unnecessary lingo.
It is always best to speak “their” language. Know just what buttons are to be pushed in the specific niche market you intend to enter.
Doing such is an effective way to communicate and be one with them as a group and not as a distant outsider.
In cases such as this, sharing the joy of being a new mother while mentioning the responsibilities that come the mother’s way is one example of how the product that you are selling provide benefits to the mommy and at the same time focus on her new bundle of joy.
Look for various publications that potential mothers could read. Advertising in such circulations is actually inexpensive.
Believe it or not, there is almost every magazine for any interest. Place ads on magazines that cater to the niche market you are targeting.
Gauge the competition
However, in any market, there always exists healthy competition. It is a wise business option to assess and review any competitor that you may have in the same niche market you are targeting.
Doing such is a healthy way to know just how and where you could position your product or service.
Early on, you will also be able to determine what you could do better or best or what you could not or could do to boost your sales.
Check the competitor’s web site or any marketing materials they are producing. You may have a fair idea of the products, service and price they offer.
In cases where no competition exists, it is also wise to ask why. No existing competitor could mean two things, no one has yet thought of the product or service you are offering or that no company has yet been able to penetrate the niche market you are targeting.
All in all, research is the key as well as a healthy business view. Do not forget that effort and patience goes a long way to penetrating your targeted niche market and becoming successful.

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