by Terry Stanfield
During a recession, it is important to see where you can make the business more efficient. A prospecting company can allow you to gain more clients because it can be more efficient and cost effective. This article will explain why a prospecting company can be cheaper in finding new clients.

A recession makes you want to keep your staff as productive as possible. With sales, the key is to focus upon what you are good at doing. If you are more successful at closing sales, using a prospecting company will allow you more opportunities to close business, thus lowering your cost per client.

Using a prospecting company can allow you to spend less time on the phone with uninterested customers. You can focus yourself on those activities which help grow your business.

You are able to focus your valuable time prospecting the individuals who are interested in your business. This lowers your cost in finding new clients because you do not have to deal with the tedious process of identifying interested individuals.

The example of a sales funnel is often used with prospecting. You have to talk to many people before finding interested people but you can conserve your time by outsourcing the funneling of prospects down to the few interested ones coming back to you.

Most people are not interested in telemarketing and put this activity off. This reduces the sales pipeline and increases the costs to find new clients.

Many customer driven salespeople do not have time to find new clients because most of their time is spent in current sales processes and do not have finely honed prospecting skills. Using a prospecting company allows you to have people whose primary focus is new business focus on finding new clients.

Many prospecting companies have telephone automation systems that normal businesses do not have. This allows them to touch sometimes five to six times as many prospects as your salespeople do.

Using a prospecting company can be very simple for you track and see how much it costs for you to get new clients. You can build a fixed number into your budget so that you can achieve a certain number of new clients.

You can use a prospecting company as part of your marketing strategy and allocate your dollars to the most productive activities. If you find that the prospecting company is more effective than advertising, you can reallocate marketing dollars to the prospecting company which lowers your cost per new client. Cost per client is an important measure to see that you can grow new business in an efficient manner. An outbound telemarketing company offers you a way to test if you can lower that cost per client while still increasing sales.

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