by Ankur Agarwal
Many networkers find it tough to understand the difference between online & offline promotion of thei rservices. One major difference between the two of them is: one is based on one-on-one approach versus one-on-many approach. That’s online promotion where power of internet and technology rules. The changes of getting more success through meeting more like- minded prospects are high as you can educate more than one person at the same time in a very technical way.

And the other is offline promotion which is entirely based on one-on-one approach and follow-up on each lead, where you need to educate your prospects about the effectiveness of your services and plans. If the lead is not happy and satisfied with your plan, you’ll have to wipe the tears off your eyes and try your luck with the next prospective lead.

Contrary to online promotion, offline promotion of MyVideoTalk, depends little on one-on-one follow up. People really interested in any marketing plan, people who are having enough knowledge about networking, can easily be contacted and trained as internet is the most powerful source of communication now-a-days. Eventually, making your chance of recruiting downlines significantly bigger.

There are some points you need to keep in mind before promoting MyVideoTalk online.

1. Promoting MyVideoTalk online in an offline media

By offline media we mean regular magazines or newspapers that we usually subscribe to or are sold on bookstores. Many networkers have a misconception that if they want to get better leads or downlines, they need to promote their MyVideoTalk plan on some magazine or newspaper. Readers easily forget about the ad by the time they get to their computers to type the URL and know the details you got printed. So, this promotional idea is not that good.

2. Promoting MyVideoTalk online in an online classified ads site

3. Promoting MyVideoTalk online with paid safelists

3. Never promote MyVideoTalk online using free safelists

This concept is actually more powerful than the two we discussed above, considering that all the people in the list are targeted because when a paying advertiser puts an ad, his ad will be sent to the email of all people in the safelist who are willing to receive offers related to their interest (the interest we are talking about here is networking). Unfortunately, when you put your ads in these safelists using their free trial mode like most advertisers, your ad will stand almost zero possibility of being read, let alone acted upon. The main reason behind this is your ads will only go out to the other advertisers who are also using free trial mode instead of going to the people who are really interested in your ads.

4. Never use long and hard-to-recall URL’s

Use short and memorable URL Just by searching the search engine for “cheap domain name with frame forwarding” you could get many options for an inexpensive and interesting domain name for your MyVideoTalk online promotion. Using a small and memorable URL would really help you boost up your network plan as they would be easy to remember and use by any interested prospect to catch your plan in just few clicks. The best part is that whenever they visit your URL again, you’ll still be their upline if they sign up.

Try using the above mentioned tips before starting your MyVideoTalk online plan and you would never regret getting into online promotions of your services.

About the Author:
Ankur Agarwal Is A Professional MLM Coach And Consultant And Presidential Blue Diamond With MyVideoTalk.To Get More Information On MyVideoTalk And how To Build It Online , Visit myvideotalk

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