Vital tips on what to look out for when targetting a prospective niche market.

- What is the competition doing?

I really look at the competition. Is there crazy and very competitive competition in this niche?

Or, maybe it’s medium competition… or soft competition. I look to see if there are affiliate programs. How compelling are the sales pages?

Are there videos or audios being offered in this niche? If not, can I create some?

The competition will tell you a lot about the niche. It can help you identify what your USP (unique selling proposition) is and it can tell you how to compete!

- What is my USP?

If I’ve made it this far, I start writing notes on what my USP can be. Can I be better, faster, stronger, and prettier?

I try to find what my sales angle can be. If it’s blood pressure, can I create some audios & videos that will help me stand out??

- Can I out market them?

Are there a ton of savvy marketers in this niche? I want to know if I can out promote them and out market them. For example, online gambling is full of savvy marketers. I would not touch that anyway, but that came to mind.

I’m looking at ClickBank and Commission Junction to see if I can out promote my competition. Are there tons of articles, forums, groups, etc.?

- Can I stick to this for the long haul?

There’s no need going after a niche if I’m going to get sick of receiving emails about it. I mean, if I hate this niche… I should stay away.

There’s no need going after a niche if I’m going to get sick of it, give up and start looking for a new niche.

I need to make a judgment if I can keep at it for the long haul. Heck, maybe I just want to build it to a certain point and sell the site and products to my competition… or something.

Either way, I look to see if this niche is something I’m actually half way interested in. If not, I might not do all the necessary things required to make it work.

Makes sense huh?

This is why I tend to look for things I find somewhat interesting. I mean, if I’m interested in Extra Terrestrial Aliens from outer space, then I might try and create some kind of offer.

And, you better bet that I am going to try and tap into some emotions too.

Maybe I can find some “fire” to tap into…

Maybe I can say something like:

“I Can STOP The Nasty Green Aliens Dead In Their Tracks And Prevent You From Being Abducted Ever Again!!”

“You are 23 seconds from getting your hands on A Powerful Ebook that will Kick Alien Butt!”

You get the point.


I believe if you follow this checklist, you can identify if a niche is worth going after or not. There are lots of formulas, and measures you can look at to see if a niche is competitive, but I never do.

Why? I mean, competition is everywhere. And, the net grows every second. And, if there is a lot of competition, then, it just means I have more potential JV’s I can do.

If there is money being spent, and I can compete, then I can use all those IM techniques I learn. Like, creating a blog in a niche and driving traffic… Or, creating my own forum in a niche and paying posters to post a bunch of messages on it so that when new visitors show up, they’ll feel its ok to post too. You know… all those little techniques we pick up.

When it comes right down to it… can I compete and can I use all the techniques I know and learn to get a nice slice of the pie?

Can I out-promote them?

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