Looking for the easiest way to enter into the world of internet marketing? Don’t overlook selling ebooks on a variety of topics. Although internet marketing and how to do it is one of the most popular topics for ebooks, there are any number of sub topics and other subjects (niches) you can write ebooks about.

Niche marketing would be nearly impossible through the digital media if not for ebooks. Whatever your interest or specialty, there can be your own unique ebook created for it. Whether you sell information, how-to or just want to make an easily accessible catalog of your wares or services, the ebook format will lend itself flawlessly to the task at hand. With the creation of your own ebook, you have an instant saleable product that can be used as part of your business inventory or as an incentive to customers to buy into your other products.

Ebooks can serve an important function for those who have no interest in internet marketing as well. For those who have an urge to write, be it fact or fiction, the low cost of creating your own digital book brings with it the ability to put your work before the public without having to incure the long process of hiring an agent and seeking a publisher in the print media. The same care and professionalism needs to be used even when you take the do-it-yourself approach. Spelling, style and grammar are essential to creating a professional looking volume. As many newbies find, having an existing ebook in cyberspace and other marketers with existing customers to promote it to, will give you an advantage in the attempt to sell the ebook.

Regardless of what purpose you are creating your ebook for, making it accessible to the widest range of readers takes some thought as to its exact format. There are those who feel the exe format of ebook holds the best advantage doe creating interactive books which load like a program and can involve features such as sound and video capabilities. The greatest disadvantage to the exe format is that, due to the justifiable paranoia about virus contamination, many people will refuse to accept an executable format no matter how interested they may otherwise be in your information.

The most commonly used file format is still the portable document file (PDF). Although there are still ways for unscrupulous people to infect a pdf file, the chances of it happening are rare. PDF has become so trusted that few remember the brief time in 1998 when a few viruses were spread this way. Because the pdf file is relatively virus free and has the ability to be nearly instantly downloaded, it is by far the number one preferred method of creating an ebook.

One final feature of the PDF file for your ebook is the versatility it offers the end user as your book will be pre-made to facilitate printing it out into a hardcopy for reading and referencing without needing to be at your computer or online.

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