Many people out there are taking unfair advantage of the Internet and the opportunities to conduct niche marketing on the Internet. More often than not, unfortunately, many of these brave soldiers fail in the endeavor of setting up a niche market.
It’s true that most of the money can be found in niche marketing. Why? Because niche markets by their very nature cater to a very specific need in a highly-specialized manner. And these very specific needs are demanded by very exacting people who can pay top dollar. More than that, if you are to provide of these needs, you ought to be the sole provider. It’s almost as if to find a niche market is to monopolize the supply of that service.
An example would be providing ballet shoes so flexible, you can fold the shoe at a 45-degree angle and still be able to keep anyone on their toes. Very few ballet dancers can do that and only one shoemaker provides for it.
The scam here is not the fact that niche market providers will cheat you. Instead the scammers are those business folks who author self-help books and CDs telling you that creating a niche market is as natural as blinking.
These people could fool you into pouring all your capital into a venture that is likely doomed to fail because the risk of the market niche is the high risk of running out of customers or gaining competition.
Many people who seriously employ internet marketing strategy despair at the idea of discovering a niche market. They know that the likelihood of that is parallel to finding the Holy Grail in your garage.
The market niche is unique because it cannot survive if there is competition. The niche market should be clear and free-exactly like a monopoly so that the producer can be free. This is the first cut; the second cut comes from the customers.
You product has to be so special, so specific, so attuned to the needs of your customers that you need time to perfect your craft. More often than not, niche market products are custom-made for each customer.
This kind of production takes a lot of time and that is why the market needs to be free of competition so that they can pour their efforts onto the product. But that is not where the cut can be inflicted. Clients of niche markets are discerning, they pay top dollar to get (if not exactly, then something better than) what they want.
Here comes the rub, if you are not the best at what you do, then forget it! This means, people who have no ambition except to laze about their houses and who are looking for easy money on the Internet cannot possibly undertake the rigors of maintaining a niche market.
Okay, maybe I was a little hard on niche marketing but this article is not made to discourage you from the activity. As a matter of fact, if there’s any marketing technique I would suggest it would be niche marketing. However, you need to understand that niche marketing is not impossible but it also isn’t easy. You need to give it time and effort. If you don’t know the specific strategies, then you need to give time to start learning. Niche marketing is not a magic solution to your financial needs. It is a job, and it requires commitment.

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