I have a feeling some niche marketers found success in a way that is not publicized on the Net.

What is typically publicized is the way of the â??niche blitzâ?: Cover as many niches as possible en masse and monetize related information. This aims for quantity. Under the duress of time, strategization is sacrificed, and the emphasis is on a repetitive pattern of setting up online systems for monetization through product sales, paid clicks and lead generation, but each one of these niches or systems are not going to pay highly by itself because of a certain â??herdâ?? factor pertaining to this idea of a â??niche blitzâ?. Moreover, the maximum human effort that can be possibly expended comes most likely from only 1 person, the marketer himself.

In the Internet Business Manifesto, Rich Schefren had stressed youâ??re going to hit a limit with all the work done solely by yourself. Thatâ??s not how companies grow. Iâ??m already lying to myself when â??I AM the companyâ?.

Not only that, the end of your â??niche blitzâ? can come when your niche sites become stale and die down because of one-time setup-and-leave-it effort or â??repetition fatigueâ?.

Of late, because of the expertise Iâ??m known for, business associates have come to propose ideas and work in need of a collaboration to generate leads online. So instead of chasing niches, Iâ??m attracting them. Second, the economy of these offline businesses my associates are involved in definitely deals with a lot more money and possibly have a lesser degree of competition due to its lack of Internet pre-eminence (it may be the same case with competitors in the same industry), but if I should bring the business online, it will certainly be presented from a unique angle and with a unique taste.

The crucial characteristic to note is [b]any form of business that requires a team of players to run it is certainly big enough to share substantial profits for everyone even while your role within the team is a small bit part.[/b] It is what you should be looking for in evaluating a business because you can then fully focus on exercising a specialty skill (for example, lead generation) to the fullest instead of â??doing everything from A to Zâ?, leading to fatigue and aimlessness.

So donâ??t be embarassed that you donâ??t consider yourself successful via the â??niche blitzâ? method. Being more selective can be the more profitable way for you.

With this being said, perhaps there are highly profitable businesses within your neighborhood that with your help as an Internet Marketer and if the business permits, they can bring in a lot more profits online! You are merely piggybacking a business and injecting it with a new momentum towards Internet pre-eminence. If youâ??re not attracting opportunities then you should proactively approach the business owners instead and propose a win-win situation.

I was able to obtain a sample copy of a local businesses approach letter that Paul Evans has used to create an extremely successful business serving as the local Internet expert for businesses in his hometown. I want you to have a free copy.

This is the perfect complement to Andrew Cavanaughâ??s special report, “Offline Gold For The Online Marketer”, about selling your Internet Marketing skills to businesses in your local city. The report starts by presuming the reader as a total stranger to business owners and how s/he goes about the process of striking a business partnership to the point when they would be happy to put checks into the readerâ??s pocket.

Years ago I did a little research out of curiosity and I reprint my personal summary: Out of the 95% of all US companies which are small businesses (categorized as having less than 100 workers), 66% do not believe the Web offers significant opportunities to fuel their growth just because they are local businesses. Only 23% anticipate that online sales will affect their bottomline. So if people say thereâ??s still a lot of potential in online marketing, imagine whatâ??s still being ignored in the REAL world!

If you know very well you would like to take the path of forging alliances with existing offline businesses, read Andrewâ??s special report to find out how to go about it in the most effective and efficient manner.

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