Most search engine optimization experts will tell you that you must build lots of one-way incoming links to your blog and the content of your blog must be targeted towards precise key phrases for your niche market.

It’s imperative to establish which key phrases are right for your niche, deciding on too broad a term can land you with some very hefty competition and make it almost impossible to rank well in the search engines.

Below you’ll find a couple of web sites that let you do free keyword research:



Once you have found your targeted list of key phrases that best match your niche market you are ready to embark on optimizing your blog for better search engine rankings and thus greater organic search engine traffic. Keywords with a higher search volume and low competition, should be your goal

Probably the two most imperative uses of your key phrases for search engine optimization is on-page and off-page optimization.

On page – Make one article or web page per keyword, therefore creating a new keyword targeted post or page for each keyword on your list. Avoid stuffing your content with just key phrases, you should target a keyword density of between 1 and two percent per article.

Off-page optimization – using your key phrases when submitting to directories, taking part in link exchanges and article marketing is perhaps one of the best search engine optimization techniques there is.

1. When adding your blog to online directories try and include your main keyword in the title.

2. You can request a keyword targeted text link to other web site owners when performing link exchange, but some web sites may in pose some limitations.

3. For optimum results, use your key phrases as anchored text links in your articles bio, and deep-link to different pages on your website.

These search engine optimization techniques will help forge a strong basis and will significantly aid you in dominating your niche market.

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