As ‘less than guru’ online marketers, we’re constantly asking the question “What makes the difference?”…

What really is it that allows some niche marketers to achieve success beyond our wildest dreams while others haplessly flounder. While there a number of elements, I will attempt today to isolate just a few. These are some of the things I feel to be of key importance in obtaining the online income you desire.

1. Knowledge – It seems crazy to say but despite all the info products, all the articles, all the forums, all the free reports, all the blog posts, alot of people still find it hard to nail down specifics on how to attain a certain outcome like a profitable niche site or a high selling info product.

The problem of course is information overload. It’s not a lack of information rather so much information that sorting through it to find what really works and what doesn’t becomes the main challenge.

2. Resources – When you are already successful as an online marketer you have resources that the average online entrepreneur doesn’t have. You have access to teams of people who can increase your productivity and earning potential exponentially. As a newbie however you have to do everything yourself. Your goal at this point should be working out how you can get more work done with the same effort with the help of either other people or automated software programs that can carry out various tasks for you.

Since we’re talking about Niche Marketing in particular, consider this.

Average Joe niche marketer wants to start making money from niche sites. He spends his time creating the website following a certain plan, promoting his site, and so on. Having to do all the work himself he might be lucky to create 5 or 6 solid niche sites in a month.

At the same time Guru niche marketer decides he wants to ramp up his niche marketing income. So he asks his programmer to whip him up some software that can create these niche sites automatically. He spend a few minutes per day running the software and all the work he would have had to do manually is taken care of. That’s what I mean by RESOURCES!

The good thing is that there are software programs that have been created for such purposes by these marketers that are now available to the public. If you can sift through them prudently without succumbing to the ever present sales hype you can find certain tools that can help you, the average niche marketer, get the same advantage that the guru’s have.

Again, combining the right knowledge with the right resources along with of course taking plenty of action can turn anyone into a niche marketing guru period!

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