Is niche marketing for you? Of course, it is! If you are trying to make money on the Internet, you must narrow down your focus. Niche marketing, by definition, means focusing on a small portion of a general category. Instead of creating a website about pets, create one about dogs. Or narrowing it down even more: poodles. Creating one small website may not produce the thousands of dollars you wish, but think of creating multiple websites based on tight niches. That is where the money will come in because that is what the public will be looking for. The first thing you will do is to find the first niche by researching keywords. Using will be a big help in finding related keywords for the niche you are researching. Look for a KEI of at least 10. A KEI of 100 is best and if it’s over 400, you’ve won the jackpot! After you have found your particular niche, you will need to get the content for your website. You will have to either write articles, re-write private label articles, have articles written for you or use articles from other authors. You must keep the author’s resource box (bio) that is located at the end of the article with the article when you use it. You can find these articles in article directories. You’ll find tons of article directories by typing “article directory” into Google Search. Each article will be based upon a keyword or keyword phrase. Now, you will need to register a domain name; something like It should be based as closely as possible on your website’s niche topic. You will also need web hosting so you will have a home for your website. Next, you need to Montetize your site. Look for multiple ways to bring income in from your website. Add affiliate programs and Google Adsense. Be sure you have good (real) content on your website before asking Google to approve your account. They frown on “Under Construction” notices and your account will not be approved. Choose affiliate products that compliment your website’s niche. Don’t put gambling banners and ads on a site that’s about dogs. That’s not what your site’s visitors are looking for. If you don’t know where to look for affiliate products, you can find nearly any product for your niche at Get a product to sell on your site. Write an ebook about your niche or have one written for you. Write a sales page and use PayPal to accept payments. The last step is to get traffic. Your web pages need to be optimized for the keyword or keyword phrase that your page content is based on. Remember at the beginning when you wrote your articles based on a keyword? That keyword needs to appear in your article (page) title, in the Heading, in the first paragraph and at least a couple times in the body of your article so the search engines can find it. Another way to get traffic is to write more articles and submit them to article directories. I believe this is one of the best free traffic generators there is. Blogging is also an excellent way to get visitors to your website. Most cpanel servers have Fantastico which installs WordPress with just a few steps. When you have a blog, every time you post an article or other information, it “pings” the pinging services. This causes your site to be spidered by the search engines quicker than just using one or two methods of traffic generation. You can make money in niche marketing, but it will take effort. Carefully do your research, follow search engine optimization rules, and go for the traffic.

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