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Any Internet Marketing Guru wanna invest into my Million Bucks hungry mind rich in niche ideas?

Hi Wealthy Genuine Internet Marketing Guru,
You know I am fed up with free signing up to all those numerous newsletters of so called Internet Millionaires where there’s always a hidden catch of later having to pay this or that to proceed, etc.
I’ve got an idea.
Why don’t we make a sort of partnership which both you and I would greatly benefit from?
For example, if you’ve really proved yourself as a successful internet marketer, then I would be happy to be your “ambassador”. In return, I would be pleased to come across your knowledgeable support and expert assistance in my ambitious striving to turn any of my niche business ideas into a top quality online business in the form of website, blog, affiliate or anything else that you might suggest would be great.

I would go ahead and e-mail me… anothe million would not kill me… i am the lawyer who won the 5 million dollar case on court tv last week. Names Scott E-mail me and lets get started.

Niche Marketing Expert

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