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Build an informational website???

I wanted to get some tips and opinions on building an informational website. Is this a good niche? By information I mean just about anything dealing with information, such as articles, ebooks, etc. Maybe promoting other websites, etc. Oh, and also selling things such as ebooks, regular books, cd’s, dvd’s etc. Is this a good market? I am new to the whole small business world, but have been really trying. I do have a small website right now, but it is based on just selling variety new and used items, and I want to point toward something else. I do know about search engines, keywords, etc. so I do not need any tips on these. Thanks in advance for any answers!

I run an information website that focuses on starting, managing and running a home-based business since 1999. And contrary to what the first person answered, the site (see in my profile) has been EXTREMELY PROFITABLE for me. I earn in 2 months what I used to earn in 1 year in a mid-level management position.

For me, I like an information site better than an online store because you simply write content, and you get all the profit. With an online store, you have inventory, you have shipping, you have packaging — and if your business is slow and nothing is selling, you’d be stuck with all those inventory,

From my experience here are the points you need to consider when building an information website:

1. What sector do you want to focus on? “Information website” is a very broad term, and it could be anywhere from information on how to manage your personal finances to breeding animals to online marketing. The first step is to determine what sector you want to focus on and what unique perspective you can offer in that sector.

2. How will you monetize your website? How do you want to earn from the site? Will you earn from advertising? Will you offer a paid subscription content? Will you be syndicating the content?

3. How will you create the content? Will you write the content yourself? Will you pay writers or buy articles? Will you just use those articles in free article submission sites such as that thousands of other sites are already using? Or will you let your visitors create the content for you?

You seem to be thinking of a lot of things. Start with the basics first and think of what type of unique information you can offer — or if you want to do information that thousands of other websites are already doing, what is the unique angle you are going to explore? If your site has no value, it will just languish as one of the billions of sites with hardly any visitors and no income

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