A lot has been said about niche marketing, its advantages, and ways to find a profitable online niche. Today, no small business can deny the obvious benefits of narrowing your search when looking for online niches that can be potentially profitable. But, unfortunately, not all Internet business owners are creative enough to come up with new ways of researching underserved online market niches.

No doubt, everyone, who has ever tried their hand at niche marketing, knows that keyword research is an absolute must. Everyone knows about such tools as Overture and WordTracker. Everyone has tried Google search to find out what the competition rate for a particular keyword is. Andâ?¦ many stopped just here, assuming that the research is done, the niche is found, and once the website is built they can sit back and watch the revenue grow.

All is not that simple and fast, though. In order to discover really profitable niches, you need to dig deeper and take an advantage of many more tools the Internet offers. You may have never thought to use them in your research â?? and deprived yourself of an excellent opportunity to mine loads of niches craving for quality supply. Here are a few examples how you can expand your search:

1. Use popular online auctions like eBay to find out what people are selling most often, what categories are the most popular, and get ideas about the numerous sub-niches, which may inspire you for further search. EBay is a fantastic research tool, because it offers lots of useful data to its sellers, including the most demanded categories and products, items which get the highest bids, average start and sold prices on particular products, top keyword searches, etc. In fact, you can even get a prognosis on what is likely to be hot with customers in the future! You just canâ??t ignore this wonderful research opportunity in your niche marketing.

2. Try to check websites, which unite people according to their interests. MeetUp and GroupsGoogle are some of the examples. Browse through the categories and see what people find the most interesting and what topic is the hottest. Chances are â?? you will be surprised to uncover the niches you never thought of.

3. If you already have a broad niche in mind, but want to narrow it, search for the news on your topic and see what the top viewed pieces are. Use the same tool (if available) on the websites offering a variety of information on your topic â?? look what articles get the highest number of reads.

Generally, any kind of website that reflects the audienceâ??s interests and opinions can and should be used as a powerful niche marketing tool. If you take time to look around, you will realize that the Internet abounds in opportunities to help you on each and every step of your market research. Inventing new ways of researching untaken niches can provide you with even better results than all the common search tools niche marketing entrepreneurs normally use.

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