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Whatever happened to Amiga?

My very first computer was a Commodore Amiga 1200 it was an amazing system, both hardware and software. I still have it packed away under my bed. Back before PCs became the dominant system Amigas were everywhere. Then due to numerous buyouts and financial problems they pretty much became a niche market for enthusiasts and never again matched the performance of PCs. I read that they continued to develop the AmigaOS to version 4.0, and that it can be run on some new unofficial hybrid systems, but what about official Amiga hardware. What is Amiga doing now?

Collecting dust.

I bought the A500 hard drive, cost about £300 for 20meg, just bought a 1gig mini sds for my phone, less than tenner. Still got the A500+ also got a dud 4000. Certainly a better system than the PC.

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