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is it common for bulls (intact male cattle) to stand at “stud”?

i often see stallions standing at stud but thought that most cattle feeders and breeders probably own their own bull. i was thinking of starting a side business that will lease bulls to “expose” to other cows and heifers. i know people sell the straws of semen but maybe this might be a niche market- any ideas?

Yes it is common for people to “stud” their bulls out. Here in Oklahoma it can be a very profitable business if you have a purebred registered bull (especially if the bull has a show record). Herefords, Limousines, and Jersey bulls are the most prominent and make the most money in this area. Registered Long Horn bulls also have a niche market due to their rarity. Remember that it’s important to have a contract with the customer that if anything happens to your bull (such as loss or theft) they pay for the bull and that you aren’t responsible for property loss or damage (in case they cut or scrape a good cow during breeding or other damages that might come from keeping a bull) should anything occur while they have him.

Frozen semen is also a good choice to do because you can ship long distances for a large number of cows and because you don’t have to worry about your bull or damage your bull might cause on someone else’s property.

All in all a good business though with the cost of beef and the cattle breeding market the way it is. Just remember that grain prices are high and it may be a few years before you start seeing the profit turn over to your benefit.

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