The proper use of the proper tools can take any average person and turn them into a great success. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of niche marketing, yet there are still so many who are either using the wrong tools or are using the right tools incorrectly.

The main purpose of a niche marketing tool is this: it will give you a quick analysis of your chosen market/keywords/content/etc., and will display the results of that analysis in an easy to understand way that allows you to make the wisest possible business decision. What this does is it takes all of the time that you were previously spending on keyword and market research and does it in a few minutes.

This allows you to devot time to things that have real value to your project. Doing market research may pay off, but it may not. Writing keyword-rich sales letters and developing finely targeted PPC advertisements is much easier when you have quality research at your fingertips.

The most crucial element of this whole process is the quality of the analysis. When determining whether or not a niche marketing tool is right for you, these are the features you should look for, as they will provide the most direct and immediate benefit to your business.

* Keyword Competition: Few niche marketers have the money to compete with the big guys who are selling in the same market. A good tool will tell you immediately what sort of competition you’re facing on certain keywords, allowing you to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

* Keyword Traffic: If there isn’t very much competiton for a particular keyword, it could mean that it is because it doesn’t get much traffic. There’s no point getting the highest ranking for a keyword that nobody cares about and aren’t searching for.

* Complementary Sites For Building Links: This one pretty much explains itself. The better the quality of your links, the more the search engines will reward you with rankings.

* Number Of Backlinks: This is crucial. Once you know the good places to start building backlinks, you need to know how many you will actually need in order to be competitive. This analysis is completed by analyzing the top search results for your keywords and then checking them for backlinks, thereby giving you a quick look at the amount of work required to contend at the top of the ranks.

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