New System For Making Money Online ReleasedTannersville, NY – Looking to get in on the online money making field? Want to have a money producing website but you don’t have the necessary programming skills to build your own website? Then look no further. A new company started by online entrepreneurs Melford & Concetta Bibens is offering just the thing. The company, aptly named “Cash Making Power Sites”, gives you the opportunity to own up to five income producing websites that bring in residual income for you without you being responsible for the maintenance.For those of you wondering how much this would cost, relax, it won’t take a big bite out of the ol’ wallet. Compared to what you would pay a programmer to make you your own website, then this is a steal. You only pay a setup fee of $100 and then after that, a small monthly fee of only $37 for the hosting and maintenance.Says the company’s founders, Melford & Concetta Bibens, “Anybody who wants to sign up would get an incredible opportunity. In literally 6 minutes and all with just 1 click, you can get 5 powerful websites that are already making money!”And to back up their claims, the company has proof posted on the website of the amount of money that anyone can make.The web pages of the sites you get, are designed to automatically “capture” a huge segment of your sites daily visitors. The term capture in this instance means that the visitors to your site willingly sign up to receive information from you. This is vital because you end up with an email list of very targeted customers. Or people who have shown an interest in what you are offering. Imagine sending an email and having sales pour in. That is the stuff dreams are made of and in fact, many people have fallen victims to other companies offering such dreams and then turn out to be scams.Not so with “Cash Making Power Sites”. They are determined to remove the negative connotations associated with money-making online opportunities.To this end, the founders of “Cash Making Power Sites” are going above and beyond what is normally prevalent in the field of making money online. They are offering all their website owners five websites that are stocked with products that are already in huge demand. And to prevent negative statements and buzz from any of your customers, the team from “Cash Making Power Sites” also provides order fulfillment and ships any goods purchased through your websites.”It’s a win, win situation for anybody who’s been looking to get in on the lucrative field of making money online,” says Melford & Concetta Bibens.For more information, please visit:

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