by Cheryl L. True
Wish your web site could draw lots of readers? It’s a piece of cake if you’re aware of the things to avoid. Here are more problems in web design that you should steer clear from:

Hit counters: Online hit counters reveal the number of people who visit a particular site. Famous sites use them to showcase their experience and competence. But it’s best for new and small business web sites to refrain from using hit counters or viewers might think that very few people are visiting your site.

Link problems: Use of full lines of text linkable or clickable statements must be avoided. Links must be easily readable and perceptible. Important keywords within the text must be highlighted and linkable.

Complicated backgrounds: Elaborate and pretty web designs can be confusing. The use of the wrong color combinations in creating a web site can make the entire thing unpleasant to visitors since they can’t comprehend the fonts in the web pages.

Bad fonts: The use of multiple fonts of various types and sizes is likewise confusing to the naked eye. Uneven usage of fonts makes the whole page clumsy and unreadable. It is recommended to use italics, bold or color in words that need to be emphasized.

Excessive scrolling: Scrolling web pages both horizontally and vertically can be a big headache for most people. Do this sparingly so you can get more visitors.

Bulky forms: Long web pages with plenty of unnecessary materials are a no-no to the majority of viewers. Bear in mind that essential fields and vital materials should be readable and presentable.

Flashy flash: Full flash-based web sites prevent search engine crawlers from indexing the content of a web page. This, in turn, prevents web sites from getting a good rank in search engines listings.

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