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What Twitter Marketing Tool makes it Fast & Easy to Follow a User’s Followers on Twitter?

When I find someone on Twitter that has expertise in a micro niche, I want to Follow who THAT person is Following (and) in some cases, I want to Follow the people who are Following him or her.

I use a variety of free and paid for Twitter tools. To Find and Follow a user that is active in a specific niche, I use TwitSeeker. To create a Tweet to that will post to Twitter at a predetermined time, I use TwAitter. To Find a user and then Follow their Followers, I use a tool called LabTweets. This tool is a desktop application (install once, use if forever) is nice because it let’s me not only find users on Twitter that I want to Follow, but also Follow their Followers which I find very useful, especially since they are apt to be receptive to my Tweets, since they are active in niche markets I am also.

Micro Niche Software Review Part3 – Internet Market Research

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