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How to use the Micro Niche Finder Software?

I have been trying to figure out how to best use this Niche Finder Software. My question is: Are the “SOC” numbers reporting accurately? Red = Heavy Competition, Yellow = Middle of the road Competition and Green = Very little Competition. It all sounds simple but are those number accurate? I’ve seen several cases where it didn’t appear make sense.

What exactly does “Get Exact Phrase Count” mean?

Also, should the “Ad Cost” match keyword bids in Google?


Ha! Funny you ask this:

I unfortunately deleted a link in my favorites just yesterday that showed many ways of income with that product. I can remember watching one of the videos and basically you search for a long tail keyword with a low number of competition, then you write an article and submit it to ezinearticles.com with a link to your site redirecting to the CPA offer.

Improve Keyword Research With Micro Niche Finder

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